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If you are new to coin collecting the type and array of coins out there can be daunting. Is the price fair? Do I have a bargain? Is this coin fake? These are all questions we ask, even advanced numismatists. We are all constantly learning about coins that appear for sale; many have been handed from collector to collect over the years and its provenance is well published, but other coins appear from nowhere and you should be wary about parting with large sums of money just because it has a large price tag!


We all make mistakes, but hopefully we learn from them, ask us at 'History Coins' any questions you may have about price, authenticity or identification. We are not experts in any one particular era and we don't pretend to be, but we know a few fantastic people who are and we have a few good years knowledge behind us too! If we don't know what something is we'll tell you, but first we will try to find out for you, as we like to learn too. We also love looking at coins, so we both win! Coin envy is a killer!


If you have any quetions, please use the CONTACT page and ask away.


I have a coin or collection for sale, what do I do?


Initially contact us at History Coins and tell us briefly what you have, we will reply, normally the same day, asking for good quality photographs and information about any other documentation you may have, such as certificates of authenticity (COAs). Please use the reply address to communicate with us.


Valuations are realistic and will take in the whole market as a whole including gold and bullion prices. Please don't just look at eBay, prices here are highly volatile and 'Buy Now' prices are rarely achieved!



For helpful support whilst you enjoy your growing coin collection, ask a question via the CONTACT form or send us your details for occasional Newsletters and deals.  



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