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These authentic artefacts have been obtained from reputable sources, mainly auction houses such as TimeLines, Hansons and Lockdales. If you have any questions, please use the contacts page. Click on the image for an enlarged version.

Edwardian Islamic Padlock dated 1905


Made of white metal (probably ferrous i.e. magnetic). Key does turn but lock seems to be jamed, but considering its age this isn't surprising. Inlaid with rosettes and scrolls, text to end with date 1323AH (1905AD).

162g, 81mm.                            SOLD

Iron Age Celtic Silver Lozenge-Shaped Brooch, 8th-3rdC BC

A silver brooch with lozenge-shaped plate stamped with circles, pin and hook to the reverse. 1.77g, 26mm x 10mm.


£85 (+P&P)


Decorated Bronze Radiate-Headed Bow Brooch, 5th - 6thC, Visigothic


Comes with old Sotherby's auction tag.



Viking, Bronze Anthropomorphic Cosmetic Spoon, 10-12thC


A bronze miniature cosmetic or medical spoon. Bifacial figure with hands on hips forms the handle with a pierced lug above.
 Very fine.
11g, 79mm x 18mm x 8mm.

Viking Openwork Belt Mount, 10thC, Bronze with Acanthus Leaf Motif


This beautiful Viking bronze belt mount is 59mm long and weighs 15g. It has two attachment lugs to the reverse and an olive patina. Grade is considered 'extremely fine'.

Prov: Ex TimeLine Auctions

Roman or Greek Bronze Water Vessel (Hydria) Handle, More Research Required

For sale is a 1st-3rd century AD Roman or Greek decorated artefact. It was sold to me as a fragment of a Roman hand mirror by TimeLine auctions (which it still may well be), but my research can not track down any hand mirrors with a right angled handle (much as a shaving mirror would today) and it is far too heavy for such an item. All my visual matches seem to suggest it is a fragment of a handle from a Greek water vessel, the hydria, and its decoration would suggest an association with this too; having a swan or other bird's head to the top of the would-be grip area.                   SOLD


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