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   Domitian was the last of the Flavian dynasty. He was born in AD 51, the son of Vespasian and the younger brother to Titus. He became emperor in 81 and ruled with an iron fist, he was particularly cruel to his enemies and he is known to have executed some 30 senators. This put him at odds with the Senate who considered him a tyrant, so much so that there were plots to assassinate him. One such plot succeeded and he was murdered in 96. The Senate were quick to try to obliterate him from history by 'condemning his memory to oblivion;' tearing down statues and architectural features that bore his name. So it is surprising that so many of his coins survive!

Domitian, Silver Denarius, Minera Standing, Rome, AD 92



Obverse: Laureate bust of Domitian, right, IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM PM TR P XI

Reverse: Minerva, helmeted, standing holding spear in right hand, IMP XXII COS XVI CENS PPP

18.5mm, 2.75g

Grade: Fine, slightly off centre

Ref: RIC 738



£70 SOLD #495c

Domitian, AE As, Rome, Fides, AD 81-96, Excellent Reverse





Obverse: Laureate head, right, IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM COS XIIII CENS PER PP

Reverse: Fides standing, right, holding fruit basket and grain stalks, FIDEI PVBLICAE, S-C above grain

Grade: VF+ 

10.77g, 28mm

Ref: RIC 2 647




£190 (+P&P to UK, other locations please ask)

Domitian as Caesar under Vespasian, Silver Denarius, AD 76, Pegasus




Obverse: Laureate head, right, CAESAR AVG F DOMITIANVS

Reverse: Pegasus stepping, COS IIII

19mm, 3.35g

Ref: RIC 238

Grade: Fine




£80 SOLD

Domitian, Silver Denarius, Minera Advancing, Rome, AD 87, SUPERB

Obverse: Laureate bust of Domitian, right, IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM PM TRP VII

Reverse: Minera advancing right holding shield and spear, IMP XIIII COS XIII CEN SPPP

20MM, 3.52g

Grade: EF with some original lustre and beautiful portrait

Ref: RIC 517


£150 SOLD



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