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 Durotriges Tribe, Billon Silver Stater, Cranbourne Chase Type, 50BC-AD50

Obverse: Head of Apollo right, devolved to wreath and crescents

Reverse: Dis-jointed horse, pellets above and below

19.5mm, 3.32g

Ref: S 367

Grade: Fine, debased silver, concurrent with the demise of silver stocks and the tribe itself. 



£130 (P&P FREE to all locations) #1333

Iron Age (Celtic) Iceni Tribe, Silver Unit, Norfolk Boar Phallic Type,

1st Century

Obverse: Stylised boar, right, single front leg, rosette of pellets above, pellets in tail area, possible eye just visible on shoulder area

Reverse: Horse prancing right, pellet triads either side of wheel above (spokes barely visible), phallic motif below horse with pellet, pellet beneath tail

Ref: ABC1582, S431

14mm, 0.92g

Grade: AVF/VF


£225 SOLD

Coenwulf Silver Penny Large Fragment, Canterbury, Werheard AD 796-821

0.73g, 20mm
Ref: Spink 916var, North 347, SCBI 182 to 188 (similar to 188)
Grade: EF, a large fragment, good portrait.
Prov: Authenticity guaranteed. Ex Lockdales sale, comes with two old tickets.

Coenwulf was the king of Mercia when Britain was a heptarchy. He ascended to the throne on the death of Offa's son, Ecgfrith, when he only lasted a few months in the role. A rare coin in any grade - your chance to own a wonderful piece of British history! 



£760 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Anglo Saxon Primary Phase Silver Sceat, Series B1, AD 710-760

Obverse: double diademed bust right, double beaded border


Reverse: linear bird on top of cross, flanked by annulets,  with beaded clockwise (?) ouroboros

1.00g, 12mm

Grade: VF, dark chocolate patina

Prov: Ex Noonan auction

Ref: Abramson 16.10, Spink 777, North 126



£290  (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask) #981

Anglo Saxon Secondary Phase Silver Two Birds Sceat, Series J Type 36,


Obverse: profile diademed head with braided hair, long cross before


Reverse:two birds right with a cross before, double beaded border

0.93g, 12mm

Grade: VF+, reverse struck slightly off centre but otherwise bold

Prov: Ex TimeLine

Ref: Spink 802d



£300 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask) #1089

Dobunni Tribe, Cotswold Crosses Type, Silver Unit, 1st Century

Obverse: Crude head, right, with pellet triads for hair, pellet in ring for eye and stalk lips, retrograde s shape to right with pelleted rings

Reverse: Horse right, large cross below with small cross and other motifs in angles, V below tail, ring and crescents above

Ref: ABC 2036

13mm, 1.02g

Grade: VF/AVF, a scarce coin, some porosity



£190 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Catuvellauni, Tasciovanos Cavalryman Type, Silver Unit,

1st Centuries BC to AD

Obverse: TASC in panel, border of three rings

Reverse: Warrior riding left holding large shield and lowered lance

Ref: ABC 2640, S 238

13mm, 1.12g

Grade: AVF/VF scratch to obverse



£320 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Corieltauvi Tribe, Crown Proto Boar Type Silver Unit, 1st Century

Obv: Boar right, two crescents above giving the  appearance of a crown (faint and not showing in photograph) pelleted annulus to right


Rev: Horse left, large leaf three veined tail, two pelleted annuli and crescent above (? sun motif)



15mm, 1.4g

Grade: VF, bold main features but some weak areas; a very rare example

Prov: ex C&T auctions, formerly from Chris Rudd collection

Ref: S 396, ABC 1785



£270 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Woden's Head Silver Sceat, Series H, Type 49, AD 710-760 

Obverse: Central moustached pointed head with a beaded outline surrounded by seven roundels and cross below neck


Reverse: Bird standing right, cross below neck, roundel above tail



11.5mm, 0.91g

Ref: S801A, AbH803var

Grade: VF/AVF, exquistite obverse, but sadly the edge is damaged 


Please note a full example, very similar this, just sold for £1,600 without fees! Click here for details


 £260  SOLD


Atrebates & Regni Tribes, Gold Quarter Stater, Selsey Dahlia Type,


Reverse: Triple tailed horse right, sun above, wheel below


Note: A small amount of die flaw (die rust?) on the horses back leg does not detract from this extremely rare piece.

Obverse: Damaged die or uniface mule

Grade: VF+ for type, well centre and good gold with lovely tone

16mm, 1.28g

Ref: ABC 506, S 48

Prov: Ex DNW


£580 (P&P FREE to UK other locations ask)



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