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Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Norman and Viking

Later Anglo-Saxon and Norman coinage may be found on the new page.


Celtic Iron Age, Iceni 'Antedios' D-Bar,

Silver Unit, 1st Century AD



Obverse: Typical two opposed crescents emblem with two pellets between set on vertical wreath

Reverse: Horse right, monogrammed ANTED below, three dots to side and above, pellets above horse

Grade: VF, comes with Chris Rudd ticket. Found Snettisham, Norfolk

Ref: ABC 1645, S441 var

1.25g, 14.5mm


£150 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Celtic Iron Age, Iceni Tribe, Ecen ED Type, Silver Unit, 1st Century


Triple crescent design/Horse right ED monogram below. With C Rudd ticket. VF+/EF Ref: cf ABC 1672-75


£175 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask)

STAR PIECE - Celtic Britain, Belgae Tribe, Gold Stater, Chute Type, 60-20BC


Obverse: Wreath, cloak and crescents

Reverse: Disjointed horse, left, with rectangular head, body of crescents and four vertical legs; pattern described as a 'crab' below, many pellets above

19mm, 6.09g

Ref: S 22, ABC 746

Grade: Extremely fine, well struck and very complete for issue

Prov: Ex Roma Numismatics, previously Fritz Kunker & Co


Notes: The Belgae were a tribe in the Hampshire area in ancient Britain. They are named after the Roman name for Winchester 'Venta Belgarum' 'market place of the Belgae'. They didn't seem to continue minting into the 1st century, probably as they were integrated into the surrounding tribes such as the Regini and Atrebates.


£900 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Celtic, Iceni, Norfolk Wolf Gold Stater,

1st Century, RARE




Obverse: wreath, cloak and crescents


Reverse: wolf left, bird on back with crescents and pellets above, pellet and crescent below

4.59g, 20mm

Grade: Fine+, flan unfortuately broken but it gives a rare oportunity to see the inside of these coins!

Prov: In two UK collections since 1980s

Ref: S31, ABC1396



£400 SOLD

Celtic, Catuvellauni Tribe, Cunobelin, Seated Victory Silver Unit, 1st Century AD, RARE



Ob: profile bust left with CAMV before

Reverse: Victory seated, right, holding bowl or cup in hand with CVNO below.

Grade: Fine, silver rather crystelline (this confirms age) and stable

1.11g, 15mm

Ref: S303 var, ABC2855 var, a very rare variant

Prov: Found Essex or Kent 1990s.


£170 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask first)


Celtic, Southern Germany, Vindelici Tribe, Bronze Stater, 'Mardorf' Type with Triskele, 1st Century BC, RARE


Obv: Triskele within a wreath formed of two branches with seven leaves going in opposite directions and with a disc at each end. 

Rev: Six annulets within a wavy torque with an annulat at each end, all within shallow incuse.

16mm, 5.51g

Grade: VF, obverse a little weak, dark patina

Ref: Dembski 469

Prov: ex Leu sale, previously from a Swiss private collection.


£200 SOLD

Central European, Vindelici, Silver Quarter Quinar 'Duhren' Type, 1st Century BC


Obv: Male head with curly hair, right


Note: The Vindelici were based where Notheast Switerland and Bavaria are today. Their jewellery are part of the La Tene culture until they were defeated by the Romans.


Rev: Cross with V in two quarters and three annulets in the others, all within a circle of dots.

9mm, 0.46g

Grade: VF+, slightly porous 

Prov: ex Leu Numismatics, formerly from a Swiss collection




£160 (+P&P)

Celtic Gaul, Silver Unit of the Remi, Ateulaulatos, 40-30BC, SCARCE


Obverse:  bust l., ATEVLA in front 

Rev: bull standing r, pentagram below

1.7g, 15mm

Ref: H.de.la Tour 7191

Grade: EF/VF but off flan.

Prov: ex Lockdales sale, previously C. Rudd collection, two old tickets.


WAS £200 NOW £180 (+P&P to UK, other locations ask first)

Celtic, Durotriges, Uninscribed Silver Quarter Stater, 45-40BC, 11.9mm, 0.85g


​Typical later variety with weak obverse creasent design. Reverse zig-zag pattern decorated with pellet in annulet design. Some wear, dark tone. Scarce variety. S368. Grade VF. 

                                          £50 (P&P FREE to UK)

Celtic, Catuvellauni and Trinovantes, Under Cunobelinus (8-41AD), Bronze Unit


Obv: bearded bust of Jupiter Ammon, left, CVNO in front, BELIN behind



Rev: warrior on horse galloping, right, CAM below

Ref: S345, ABC 2978

Grade: AVF/VF




£170 (+P&P)


Celtic Iron Age, Iceni Tribe, Ecen 'Thick Head', Silver Unit, 1st Century


Triple crescent design/Horse right (described by C Rudd as 'thick head' [ECEN] below. With C Rudd ticket. VF/ AVF Ref: S443A, cf ABC 1657

£65 SOLD 

Celtic, Danubian Silver Tetradrachm Imitating the Greek Thasos Coin, Great Example of Historical Translocation, 1st Century


Obv: Good style head of Dionysus, right

Rev: Rather cruder figure of Herakles with pelleted club and lionskin, pelleted legends.

16.48g, 30mm

Grade: Fine +, slightly bent, possible test cut.

Prov: Ex TimeLine Auctions



£150 SOLD

Anglo-Saxon, Silver Sceatta, Primary Phase, Series A, Type 2a, c680-710AD



Obverse: radiate bust , right, TIC before and A and annulet behind; straight exergual lines either side of beaded lines.


Rev: standard bearing TOTII, IP[T] [TA] either side, squared horns and tufa above.

Grade: VF+/VF

1.25g, 13.5mm

Ref: Abramson A075, S775

Prov: ex Spink coin with old ticket.



£200 SOLD


Northumbria, Aethelred II, First Reign 841-43/4, AE Styca, Leofdegn Moneyer


Obverse: edelred rex legend around cross with four pellets in quarters


Reverse: +leofdejn, cross and pellets.

Grade: Almost extremely fine.

1.28g, 14mm

Prov: ex Spink coin with old ticket.




£150 SOLD


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