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Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Norman and Viking


Atrebates & Regni Tribes, Gold Quarter Stater, Selsey Dahlia Type,


Reverse: Triple tailed horse right, sun above, wheel below


Note: A small amount of die flaw (die rust?) on the horses back leg does not detract from this extremely rare piece.

Obverse: Damaged die or uniface mule

Grade: VF+ for type, well centre and good gold with lovely tone

16mm, 1.28g

Ref: ABC 506, S 48

Prov: Ex DNW


£580 (P&P FREE to UK other locations ask)

 Durotriges Tribe, Billon Silver Stater, Westham Derived Type, 50BC-AD50

Obverse: Head of Apollo right, devolved to wreath and crescents

Reverse: Dis-jointed horse, left, pellets above and below, pellet in lozenge above tail, crescents below

19mm, 4.01g

Ref: S 367

Grade: VF, debased silver, concurrent with the demise of silver stocks and the tribe itself. 


£120 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Celtic, Dobunni Tribe, 'King Eisu OXO' Silver Unit, 20BC to AD43

Obverse: Moon head right, pellet triads for hair, pellet in ring for eye, stalk lips

Reverse: Triple-tailed annulate horse, left, pellet and EI above and partial SV below

Ref: ABC 2081

12.5mm, 0.73g

Grade: AF/VF stunning horse, silver a little crystaline


£130 SOLD  #675

Anglo Saxon, Series E 'Porcupine' Silver Sceatta, AD 695-740

Obverse: Degraded 'porcupine' head, right

Reverse: Votive standard with TOTII design, pellets and crosses around

Ref: S790, N 45

Grade: VF+

Prov: Found near York, recorded with PAS:NLM OC6EA3


£140 SOLD #671

Celtic Armorican (Channel Islands & NWGaul) Coriosolites Billon Stater, Class II 75-50 BC

Celtic Armorican (Channel Islands & NWGaul) Coriosolites Billon Stater, 

Head right/Horse, boar below

Ref: S15

Prov: Ex Michael Trennery

6.66g, 22mm


£150 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask)

Anglo Saxon Secondary Phase Silver Sceat, Type 37 'York' 710-760, Series J

Obverse: two diademed heads facing with braided hair, long cross on pedestal between, double beaded border


Reverse: whirl of four linear birds forming a clockwise cross around a central cross pommee

0.81g, 12mm

Grade: VF, struck slightly off centre but otherwise bold

Prov: Ex Spink auction

Ref: Abramson 386-387, Spink 802a, North 134




£420 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask) #366

Anglo Saxon Secondary Phase Silver Sceat, Type 85 'York' 710-760, Series J

Obverse: double diademed bust right, double beaded border


Reverse: linear bird on top of  cross, flanked by annulets, three pellets to either side of cross and four before bird, double beaded border

0.97g, 12mm

Grade: VF, struck slightly off centre but otherwise bright and bold

Prov: Ex Spink auction, found Driffield, East Yorkshire, UK

Ref: Abramson 382-385, Spink 802




£550 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Celtic, Catuvellauni Tribe, Cunobelin, Seated Victory Silver Unit, 1st Century AD, RARE



Ob: profile bust left with CAMV before

Reverse: Victory seated, right, holding bowl or cup in hand with CVNO below.

Grade: Fine, silver rather crystelline (this confirms age) and stable

1.11g, 15mm

Ref: S303 var, ABC2855 var, a very rare variant

Prov: Found Essex or Kent 1990s.


£170 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask first)


Central European, Vindelici, Silver Quarter Quinar 'Duhren' Type, 1st Century BC


Obv: Male head with curly hair, right


Note: The Vindelici were based where Notheast Switerland and Bavaria are today. Their jewellery are part of the La Tene culture until they were defeated by the Romans.


Rev: Cross with V in two quarters and three annulets in the others, all within a circle of dots.

9mm, 0.46g

Grade: VF+, slightly porous 

Prov: ex Leu Numismatics, formerly from a Swiss collection




£160 (+P&P)



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