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Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Norman and Viking

 Up to and including Harold II, 1066 - Click on the image to enlarge


English/Norman Coinage, William I, PAX Penny 1083-1086



Obv: facing bust type VIII crown 1, +PELLELM REX legend

Rev: short cross with PAXS in angles with +LIFPINEONIEXE legend for moneyer Lifwine at Exeter mint.
Grade: VF+, few weak areas
Prov: ex TimeLine auctions, previously private Kent collection.
£750 SOLD

Celtic Gaul, Silver Unit of the Remi, Ateulaulatos, 40-30BC, SCARCE


Obverse:  bust l., ATEVLA in front 

Rev: bull standing r, pentagram below

1.7g, 15mm

Ref: H.de.la Tour 7191

Grade: EF/VF bu off flan.

Prov: ex Lockdales sale, previously C. Rudd collection, two old tickets.


£200 (P&P FREE to UK)

Celtic, Eastern Europe, 'Kugelwange' Type, Silver Drachm, 3rd-2nd Centuries BC 



Ob: laureate head of Zeus, right


Rev: horse advancing left, pellet in annulet above.

2.10g, 14mm

Grade: VF

This coin was based on the coinage of Philip II of Macedon, this in turn was copied and resulted in the degraded imitations of the 1st century AD! 'Kugelwange' means 'ball cheek.'


£90 (+P&P)

Celtic, Durotriges, Uninscribed Silver Quarter Stater, 45-40BC, 11.9mm, 0.85g


​Typical later variety with weak obverse creasent design. Reverse zig-zag pattern decorated with pellet in annulet design. Some wear, dark tone. Scarce variety. S368. Grade VF. 

                                          £50 (P&P FREE to UK)

Celtic, Catuvellauni and Trinovantes, Under Cunobelinus (8-41AD), Bronze Unit


Obv: bearded bust of Jupiter Ammon, left, CVNO in front, BELIN behind



Rev: warrior on horse galloping, right, CAM below

Ref: S345, ABC 2978

Grade: CVF/VF




£170 (+P&P)


Anglo-Saxon, Eadmund (939-46) Two line/Annulet Silver Penny


Full flan but broken, supplied in film suspension case for display, can be removed if wished. 

S1105. Ask for other images if interested.

Prov: ex Lockdales, previously Lord Stewartby Collection at Spink

                     RESERVED   £360 (delivery to be discussed)


Anglo-Saxon, Kings of Mercia, Offa (757-796), BABBA/Crosslet Penny, Canterbury


An excellent chance to own one of histories iconic characters. Buckled but a large fragment, with obvious OFFA legend. Ex TimeLine auction, found Kent, noted on PAS.

Ref: S904                 


    £475 (delivery to be discussed)

********STAR PIECE*******

Anglo-Saxon, Archbishop Ceolnoth Penny Fragment, LIABIN - Extremely RARE


Facing bust, inscribed open cross type, Canterbury, 854-64AD. Compare to Naismith 817-820.

Full flan weighs approx 1.3g this fragment weighs 0.26g, 14mm. Full flan auction value £2000-£5000!

                                                   £500 (P&P FREE)

Anglo-Saxon, Aethelstan (924-39) Circumscription Cross Double Obverse Half Fragment

Research shows that this coin fragment was originally sold by Spink in 2015. The double obverse type is very rare and therefore may be an interesting contemporary imitation. Grade Very Fine but with a crack to top of flan. S1092

£150 (P&P to be discussed)

Anglo-Saxon, Eadred (946-955AD) Large Penny Fragment, Crowned Bust Type, East Anglian Style


This very rare coin fragment shows a bold, almost complete portrait of Eadred. It is extremely well struck and at full flan would cost over £6000! £450 (P&P to be discussed)

Late Anglo-Saxon, Stephen (1135-54), Local Eastern Variant During Civil War

Many of these coins were disfigured with cancellation marks or due to political statement! Our example is probably from Lincoln with crowned bust right holding sceptre; rev cross with lis in each angle. S1289.  Grade VF large fragment with peripheral weakness. VERY RARE. 0.89g.

       £220 (Delivery to be discussed)

Anglo-Saxon, Kings of England, Cnut (1016-1035) Pointed Helmet Type Penny (1024-30)


Obverse: Helmeted and draped bust, left, holding sceptre

Rev: Short voided cross in circle, dot and circle in each quarter

Mint: London, Moneyer - Aelfweard

17mm, 0.98g

Grade: VF/VF+, few peck marks to both sides

Ref: S1158, N787

Prov: Ex Netherlands collection


  £280 SOLD


Celtic, Durotriges, Uninscribed Silver Quarter Stater, 45-40BC, 12mm, 0.77g


​Typical later variety with weak obverse creasent design. Reverse zig-zag pattern decorated with pellet in annulet design. Good metal and lustrous. Scarce variety. S368. Grade VF+. 

£70  SOLD

Celtic, Bronze Unit, Catuvellauni, Bearded Head of Rues (the Red), 1-10AD


Bearded head, right RVIIS legend. Reverse, horseman right, VIR. Comes with Chris Rudd ticket stating found Hampshire. S272. Grade Fine+. RARE! 15mm, 1.67g.

                                             SOLD    £70 

Anglo-Saxon, Northumbrian, Copper Styca, During Reign of Aethelred II 840AD 


Central cross on both sides. Moneyer not clear, possibly WIHTRED.

S865, 13mm, 1.1g. Grade Fine, rev off centre but nice patina.

£45 SOLD

Early Anglo-Saxon Sceat Portrait Type, R1, 600-775AD


Crowned bust, right on pyramidal neck, EPA in runes . Reverse, votive standard with TOTII angular pattern around.

S813, 13mm, 1.09g. Grade VF, ob a little weak, rev better.

                              SOLD   £70 

Anglo-Saxon, Aethelred II (978-1016AD) Last Small Cross Type Penny


Diademed bust left, EDELRED REX ANGLO RX (Ligate as one letter). Rev. small cross +EDELPINEN ON LVN. Grade VF/F.

North 777, 21mm, 1.3g



Anglo-Saxon, Cnut, Silver Penny, Quatrefoil Type, Canterbury, Windaeg, SCARCE 


Obverse: crowned bust left, CNUT REX ANGLOR(?UM)
Reverse: + PINEDEE ON CAENTPI, quatrefoil with pellet at apex of each cusp, long voided cross 
S1157, N781, BEH 175.     0.93g, 18.5mm
Grade:  Very Fine/VF+. Scarce variety with only 5 noted.
Prov: Dix Noonan & Webb Auctions in 2018, previously from collection of the late Dr J Hulett, and prior from F.J Rist. Old coin ticket.
£340   SOLD

Celtic, Durotriges, Uninscribed Silver Quarter Stater, 40-20BC, 12mm, 0.85g


Starfish design with five arms, pelleted lines between arms. Reverse, thick zig-zag line pattern, pellets in annulets around. ABC2220, S369. Grade VF and toned.


£60 SOLD

Celtic, Trinovantes & Catuvellauni,

35-43AD, 12mm,1.2g


Silver unit, Epaticcus eagle type. Head of Hercules, right, wearing lion skin. Eagle standing right on serpent, head left with wings spread; pellet in annulet to upper right.

ABC1346, S356. VF+       SOLD   £230 (+P&P)

Celtic, Central Europe, Boii, Silver Obol, 1stC BC, Roseldorff II Type


Plain on obverse, reverse has a stylised horse, left; omega shaped symbol with central pellet, pellets above. Grade Very Fine. 10mm, 0.65g.


£50 SOLD

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