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Edward the Confessor, Silver Penny, Pointed Helmet Type, York, Winterfugal (Rare Moneyer) 1053-1056


Obverse:Helmeted, bearded and draped bust right, cross-tipped sceptre in front, +EDP[AR]D REI

Reverse: Voided short cross with pelle-tin-annulet centre and triple crescent ends; annulet in fourth quarter, +PINTERFVOGL [ON EO?]

Ref: N825, Spink 1179

Grade: Rather battered but good detail to portrait, rare moneyer - Fine+

19.5mm, 1.17g

Prov: Ex Alfa Numismatics




£300 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask first)

Cnut, Silver Penny, Quatrefoil Type, Thetford Mint, Tidred, AD 1016-35


Obverse: CNVT REX ANGLORVM, crowned bust left

An unusual varient with the die maker starting the legend at 6 o'clock

Reverse: Voided cross over quatrefoil, legend around, +TIDRED MO DEOD. Large pellet in one quarter, third D with thorn

Dated approx 1017-23. 0.83g, 18.5mm

Grade: Full round flan in mint state, beautiful!

Prov: Ex Lockdales, previously Baldwin's, 2016, and before that London Coins, 2003. Lockdales notes that only 12 Tidred coins known for Thetford, a die match for those of the Cambridge hoard found in 1993.

Ref: Spink 1157

£590  SOLD

Aethelred II (978-1016) Long Cross Type Silver Penny, London, Sibwine, 997-1003


Obverse: Bare-headed bust, left, AEDELRAED REX ANGLO 

Reverse: Voided long cross, pellet to centre, legend around, SIB PINE M.OL VND

Grade: Extremely fine, slightly buckled

20mm, 1.68g

Prov: Ex a private Italian collector, previously Warsaw Numismatics Centre

Ref: Spink 1151, N774


£490 (+P&P to UK, other locations please ask first)

Anglo-Saxon, Aethelred II, SIlver Penny, Helmet Type, Lifinc, London,1003-1009 



Obverse: Bust left in armour and radiate helmet, AETHELRED REX AN

Reverse: Long voided cross, each limb terminating in three crescents, over a square with trefoils at each point, +LIFINC MON LVND

Grade: VF/VF+ but perforated at 7 oc'clock by peck mark

19mm, 1.38g

Ref: S1152, N775

Prov: Ex Bruun Rasmussen


£345 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask first) #140

Saxon, Edward the Confessor, Silver Penny, Pyramids Type, Spraelinc at Winchester (Rare Moneyer) 1065-1066


Obverse: Bust right, bearded and crowned, holding sceptre in front, EADWARD REX

Reverse: Short voided cross, in each angle a pyramid terminating in a pellet, +SPRMCLINC ON P (Spraelinc on Winchester)

Grade: AVF, split to flan at 11 o'clock. 

19.5mm, 1.08g

Ref: S1184, N831

Note: This moneyer was spelt in various ways (also Sprarelinc and Spraclinc) and mainly worked from Winchester from the reign of Edward to William II.


£320  SOLD #118


Anglo-Saxon, Kings of Mercia, Offa (757-796), BABBA/Crosslet Penny, Canterbury


Obverse: Long cross over circle with lozenge at centre dividing +O FF AR EX legend around


Reverse: Cross of pellets over linear square with B A B A in angles for the moneyer Babba at the Canterbury mint

An excellent chance to own one of history's iconic characters, of Offa's Dyke* fame.

Grade: Buckled but a large fragment, with obvious OFFA legend. Ex TimeLine auction, found Kent, noted on PAS.

Ref: S904                 

0.96g, 18mm 



Offa's Dyke - It has not been archeologically proven when the large earth boundary was erected, but chroniclers of the time attribute the dyke to Offa and they have no reason to think otherwise. It was built along the English/Welsh border to prevent invasion and its remnants have been measured at being 64 miles long from one coast to the other.

Anglo-Saxon, Archbishop Ceolnoth Penny Fragment, LIABIN - Extremely RARE


Facing bust, inscribed open cross type, Canterbury, 854-64AD. Compare to Naismith 817-820.

Full flan weighs approx 1.3g this fragment weighs 0.26g, 14mm. Full flan auction value £2000-£5000!


WAS £500 NOW £480 (+P&P to UK)  

Ceolnoth - Little is know of his history until he became Archbishop of Canterbury in 833. His major preoccupation, however, were dealing with the Viking raids that continued, especially on isolated monestries and it is noted that there was a decline in the production of manuscripts during this period from disruption of the Scriptorums. He is recorded having founded the close co-operation between the post of Archbishop of Canterbury and the future Kings of England.

Anglo-Saxon, Edward the Elder, Two Line Silver Penny, Eicmund Moneyer, 899-924AD



Obverse: small cross, legend around, [+E]ADVVEARD

Reverse: EICMVN D MON in two lines with trefoil above, three crosses between [and possibly trefoil below]

21mm, 1.2 g. Ref:S1087, N649

Grade: VF+ but section missing. 

Prov: Ex Timeline auctions, previously a Sussex collection, found Kent or Essex in 1990s.


£450 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations as first please)

Anglo-Saxon, Aethelstan (924-39) Circumscription Cross Double Obverse Half Fragment


Research shows that this coin fragment was originally sold by the prestigious numismatic auction house, Spink, in 2015. The double obverse type is very rare and therefore may be an interesting contemporary imitation.


Grade: Very Fine but with a crack to top of flan.

Ref: S1092


Æthelstan or Athelstan was King of the Anglo-Saxons from 924 to 927 and King of the English from 927 to 939 when he died. Historians regard him as the first King of England and one of the greatest Anglo-Saxon kings


£150 (+P&P, non-UK locations please ask first)


Eadmund Anglo Saxon penny 2 line annulet penny Eadmund obverse

Anglo-Saxon, Eadmund (939-46) Two line/Annulet Silver Penny


Full flan but broken, supplied in film suspension case for display, can be removed if wished. 



Obv: +EADMVN:.D REX around an annulet

Eadmund Anglo Saxon two line annulet penny Eadmund reverse

Rev: PIGA.MO, line above MO, moneyer Wigeard, trefoil top and bottom, central cross with annulet each side.


Grade: VF, full round and well centred, broken.

Prov: Ex Lockdales, previously from Lord Stewartby collection sold by Spink.

Ref: S1105


£390 SOLD

Anglo-Saxon, Eadred (946-955AD) Large Penny Fragment, Crowned Bust Type, East Anglian Style, ?Aethelwerth Moneyer, RARE



Obverse: Profile crowned bust, East Anglian style (most of portrait visible)

Reverse: Small cross to centre, legend around, ADEL [-] NETA

0.86g, 20mm

Grade: VF+ a very rare piece even as a fragment

Ref: S1115, N 713, BM 695

Notes: This very rare coin fragment shows a bold, almost complete portrait of Eadred. It is extremely well struck and at full flan would cost over £6000! 

£450 SOLD

Norman, Stephen, Cut Half Silver Penny, Awbridge Type, 1135-1154AD



Obverse: Crowned head of king, three-quarter facing, legend around, STIEFNE or similar FN visible, sceptre probably in right hand

Reverse: Voided short cross within beaded quatrefoil, in each quarter a fleur, legend around

Grade: VF


Ref: N881, S 1282



£260 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Norman, William I, Cut Halfpenny, Two Stars Type, Canterbury, Aelfred, 1066-1087




Obverse: +PILL[ELM REX] AN, crowned, diademed and draped bust facing, stars in fields 

Reverse:  ELFRED O[  ], cross botonnée over quadrilateral with incurved sides, annulet at centre

Ref: S1254, N 845

Grade: AVF, with good clear reverse legend


Prov: Ex DNW

The moneyer, AEfred, was active at the Canterbury mint and it would seem feasible that this would be the mint.


£230 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Late Anglo-Saxon, Stephen (1135-54), Local Eastern Variant During Civil War


Obv: crowned bust right holding sceptre

Reverse: cross with a lis in each angle


Many of these coins were disfigured with cancellation marks or by way of political statement! Our example is probably from Lincoln.

Grade: VF large fragment with peripheral weakness. VERY RARE. 0.89g

Ref: S1289

Prov: Ex DNW, comes with PAS research for this coin

£220 SOLD

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