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1 x .2mm Acid free, Fade Resistant Black Ink, Pigma, Micron drawing pen by Sakura
These professional drawing pens are perfect to record your coin's data. The fine .2mm point makes small text easy to write and the special acid free ink, that is fade proof and of archival quality, will make sure your information is kept for as long as you want it.
 £4 plus postage
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100 - Acid Free, Circular, Paper Coin Tickets, 25mm (1 inch), 100 gsm Weight, 200 year guarantee against degrading.
This paper is manufactured to ISO 9706, this means it must conform to a particular set of standards such as pH level, alkaline reserve (calcium carbonate equivalent), tear resistance and resistance to oxidation. It is the alkaline reserve that helps the paper resist contamination from external sources over the years. Manufacturers 200 year guarantee! The use of our archival pen is also recommended, see above.
£3.50 for 100 + P&P
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100 x Plastic Polythene Bag Type Coin Holders with Press Lock Tops,
1.5" x 2.5" (3.8 cm x 6.4 cm)
A great alternative to the coin wallets for general storage. They are sized small enough to be useful but big enough to hold a number of small coins or one halfcrown. The lip after the zip lock may be stapled to record data if your coins are not to be displayed. Each holder is 1.5" x 2.5" (3.8 cm x 6.4 cm). 
£4.00 per 100 (+ P&P) Please select your location. If you wish to order more than one set please contact us directly.
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50 Hartberger Folding Non-adhesive Cellophane Windowed Coin Holders


Ideal for storage, when coins are in transit or when delicate or small items need further protection. When foldeed the coin can be seen from both sides and can be sealed yourself by staples, glue or double sided tape. Staples allow for easy removal if required or glued when you wish to archive or display. Helps to reduce the affects of exposure to the atmosphere and reduce the rate of deterioration when a coin has copper problems or may be affected by dust, smoke or fumes.The card face allows information to be written on them on both sides. Will fit standard coin boxes that take 5cm x 5cm holders plus lifting tab.


Offered in three sizes,  50 of either 39mm diam hole or 19mm or 17mm (5cm x 5 cm when closed plus tab) or mix of 20 large, 15 each of other sizes. 


Coins are for display purposes only they are not included.



Select window size x50


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