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Thessaly, Larissa, Silver Drachm, c4thC BC

Obv: Head of nymph Larissa facing slightly left, wearing ampyx

Rev: Horse standing right, preparing to lie down.
Considered VF but please see pictures for grade and condition. 5.98g, 18mm  Ref: BCD Thessaly II 316-9

Calabria, Tarentum, Nomos, c302-280BC


Obv: crowned youth on horseback, standing right ΣΑ to left, ΦΙΛΙ  ΑΡΧΟΣ in two lines below.

Rev: TAΡAΣ Phalanthos holding bunch of grapes, riding a dolphin, AΓA below.

7.51g, 21mm


£160 (+P&P)

Dionysus Tetradrachm from Thrace 


Thasos, Thrace, AR Tetradrachm. After 148 BC. Obverse: Head of Dionysus right, crowned with vines.




Reverse: HRAKLEOUS to right, SWTEROS left, QASIWN below, Herakles standing facing, naked, head left, holding club and lion skin.

16.87g, 31mm



£150  (+P&P)

Silver Drachm from Rhodos
Obv: Radiate head of Helios, right

Reverse: Rose in incuse square, P-O either side, small bud below, magistrates name above.


2.88g, 15mm



Akarnania, Anaktorion, AR Stater,



Helmeted head of Athena left wearing Corinthian helmet over leather cap; AN monogram behind

Pegasos flying left, AN below

7.9g, 19mm (edge filed down to fit jewellery fitting)



£150 (+P&P) 


Thrace, Apollonia Pontica, Silver Diobol, 380BC



11mm, 1.21g

Facing gorgoneion on obverse.

Anchor; A to left and crayfish to right.




£75   SOLD


Attica, Athens, AR Tetradrachm, c350-300BC


Obverse: Helmeted head of Athena with eye in profile, right, bankers mark (cross) near ear 

Reverse: Owl standing right, head facing; crescent to left, AΘE to right

Excellent strike, especially reverse. 

Reference: S2537 

17.14g, 22mm x 7mmh 


£399  (+P&P or courier)

Alexander III (the Great) Tetradrachm of Lysimachos (possibly a very old copy)


Fine, silver.

14.25g, 28mm


Ex Lockdales Coin Auction



£90 (+P&P)  


Ancient Greek, Silver 'Cistophoric' Tetradrachm, 190-133BC


Obverse: Cista mystica containing serpent all within an ivy wreath

Reverse: Bow in case between two coiled serpents. Mint monogram to left ? Pergamon.

S3946. VF. Small crack to left.

30mm, 12g


SOLD £90



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