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Copper and Bronze (AE) Greek Coins

You will find many types of grade of Greek AE here, many for only a few pounds. Please take time to scroll down the page, as you never know what you might find!



Ob: eagle, with head lowered, standing right on dead hare, possible trace of AKΡA above 


Rev: crab, crayfish left below, six dots around (two showing) other pellets strangely below crayfish and crab.

14g, 26mm


Starting price £150 bid NOW. 


Laodiceia, Phrygia, Semi-autonomous Issue, 66-68AD


Obverse: ΛAOΔIKEΩN, laureate and daped bust of Mên right


16mm, 2.87g

Reverse: KOP (partially ligate) AI-NEI-AΣ (anti-clockwise from upper left), eagle standing right, head left, wings spread

Ref: SNG Von Aulock 3810, BMC68

Rarely seen for sale, good examples can bring £200 at auction.


£20 +P&P

Pegasus (Pegasos) depicted on a Bronze from Mysia,

Lampsakos from the 4th-3rd Century BC


Obverse:  ΛAM, laureate female head right, wearing earring

Reverse:  ΨA, forepart of Pegasos right

S 3903, SNG 1220-1

18mm, 6.51g

Green patina with a little roughness, NVF



Flying Pegasus shown on a bronze from Corinth, 



Obverse: Pegasos flying left


Reverse: ornamented trident with control marks to left and right.

11mm, 1.49g

Dark green patina, Good VF


£45  SOLD


Pegasus with Curved Wings on a Silver Obol from the Thraco-Macedonian Region, 5th century BC


Obverse: forepart of Pegasos, right


Reverse: quadripartite incuse square

9mm, 0.81g

Very fine



Acarnia, Arcarnian League, after 167BC, Heracles/Man-head bull


Obverse: Head of young Heracles (Hercules)

Reverse: Head of man-headed bull Achelous with trident above


Reverse of coin.


21mm, 7.23g



£30 (P&Pfree)

Pontos, Amisos, Bronze with Gorgon's Head


Obverse: Aegis, with Gorgon's head at centre

Reverse: Nike advancing right carrying palm branch (A)MISOY across field.

The reverse of the coin.


22mm, 8.23g



£25 SOLD


Pontos, Amisos, Bronze with Ares & Sword

2nd - 1st century BC


Obverse: Head of young Ares wearing helmet, right

Reverse: Sword in sheath, AMI-SOY across field, star and crescent to left, monogram below and to left

Reverse of coin.


19mm, 8.36g



£28 SOLD

Amisos, Pontos, Bronze,  Dionysos/ Cista Mystica Thyrsos 


Obverse: Dionysos, wreathed with ivy, right

Reverse: Cista mystica, behind which, thyros placed diagonally, monogram to left, AMISOY below.

Reverse of coin.


23mm, 8.64g




£65 SOLD

Cimmerian Bosporos, Pantikapaion, AE20, 310-304BC


Bearded head of satyr/ forepart of griffin, fish below. 20mm,8.09g.

Good very fine.


AE19 Bronze 350-190BC. (Please note that the obverse side is shown on the right of the photograph on this occasion)
Ob: Young male head (?T behind head)
Rev: ΦΑΛΑΝΝΑΙΩΝ, head of Nymph Phalanna right, hair in sakkos
Ref: BMC 7:10 var, S2180 var, SNG Cop 205
6.78g, 19mm. 
A scare coin in very nice state of preservation and lovely detail, good patina. Very Fine. 
£60 SOLD


For auction: Elizabeth I, Shilling, Second Issue, Cross Crosslet Mint Mark, 1560-1. Ends 17.7.19. @ 12:50BST
An Anglo-Saxon piece of history. This rarely seen penny from the reign of OFFA (as in Offa's dyke) is for sale. Don't miss this very rare occasion to own such an historic coin!
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