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Copper and Bronze (AE) Greek Coins

You will find many types of grade of Greek AE here, many for only a few pounds. Please take time to scroll down the page, as you never know what you might find!

Cimmerian Bosporos, Pantikapaion, AE20, 310-304BC


Bearded head of satyr/ forepart of griffin, fish below. 20mm,8.09g.

Good very fine.


AE19 Bronze 350-190BC. (Please note that the obverse side is shown on the right of the photograph on this occasion)
Ob: Young male head (?T behind head)
Rev: ΦΑΛΑΝΝΑΙΩΝ, head of Nymph Phalanna right, hair in sakkos
Ref: BMC 7:10 var, S2180 var, SNG Cop 205
6.78g, 19mm. 
A scare coin in very nice state of preservation and lovely detail, good patina. Very Fine. 


Aitolia, AE18, 205-150 BC. 4.88 g.

Ob: Helmeted head of Athena right.

Rev: AITW-LWN Herakles, naked, standing left, looking right, lionskin over left arm, resting right hand on club, monogram above to left.

Ref: S2323 var, SNG COP Vol 3: 35-39.

A scarce coin with reasonable detail.




AE 20, 400-344BC

Ob: Head of nymph Trikka, left, with hair in sphendone.

Rev: TPIKKAION, Asklepios seated right, feeding serpent with bird in outstretched hand.

Ref: S2230 var, BMC 7.17, SNG Cop 267

Very unusual to have a left facing nymph, nice patina. Rare coin. AF.




AE 16, 350-250BC

Ob: Forepart of horse, (KY above)

Rev: One handled vase, monogran to left.

Ref: S4188, BMC 17.108, AF



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