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Copper and Bronze (AE) Greek Coins

You will find many types of grade of Greek AE here, many for only a few pounds. Please take time to scroll down the page, as you never know what you might find!



Ob: eagle, with head lowered, standing right on dead hare, possible trace of AKΡA above 


Rev: crab, crayfish left below, six dots around (two showing) other pellets strangely below crayfish and crab.

14g, 26mm


Starting price £150 bid NOW. 


Laodiceia, Phrygia, Semi-autonomous Issue, 66-68AD


Obverse: ΛAOΔIKEΩN, laureate and daped bust of Mên right


16mm, 2.87g

Reverse: KOP (partially ligate) AI-NEI-AΣ (anti-clockwise from upper left), eagle standing right, head left, wings spread

Ref: SNG Von Aulock 3810, BMC68

Rarely seen for sale, good examples can bring £200 at auction.


£20 +P&P

Pegasus (Pegasos) depicted on a Bronze from Mysia,

Lampsakos from the 4th-3rd Century BC


Obverse:  ΛAM, laureate female head right, wearing earring

Reverse:  ΨA, forepart of Pegasos right

S 3903, SNG 1220-1

18mm, 6.51g

Green patina with a little roughness, NVF



Flying Pegasus shown on a bronze from Corinth, 



Obverse: Pegasos flying left


Reverse: ornamented trident with control marks to left and right.

11mm, 1.49g

Dark green patina, Good VF


£45  SOLD


Pegasus with Curved Wings on a Silver Obol from the Thraco-Macedonian Region, 5th century BC


Obverse: forepart of Pegasos, right


Reverse: quadripartite incuse square

9mm, 0.81g

Very fine



Acarnia, Arcarnian League, after 167BC, Heracles/Man-head bull


Obverse: Head of young Heracles (Hercules)

Reverse: Head of man-headed bull Achelous with trident above


Reverse of coin.


21mm, 7.23g



£30 (P&Pfree)

Pontos, Amisos, Bronze with Gorgon's Head


Obverse: Aegis, with Gorgon's head at centre

Reverse: Nike advancing right carrying palm branch (A)MISOY across field.

The reverse of the coin.


22mm, 8.23g



£25 SOLD


Pontos, Amisos, Bronze with Ares & Sword

2nd - 1st century BC


Obverse: Head of young Ares wearing helmet, right

Reverse: Sword in sheath, AMI-SOY across field, star and crescent to left, monogram below and to left

Reverse of coin.


19mm, 8.36g



£28 SOLD

Amisos, Pontos, Bronze,  Dionysos/ Cista Mystica Thyrsos 


Obverse: Dionysos, wreathed with ivy, right

Reverse: Cista mystica, behind which, thyros placed diagonally, monogram to left, AMISOY below.

Reverse of coin.


23mm, 8.64g




£65 SOLD

Cimmerian Bosporos, Pantikapaion, AE20, 310-304BC


Bearded head of satyr/ forepart of griffin, fish below. 20mm,8.09g.

Good very fine.


AE19 Bronze 350-190BC. (Please note that the obverse side is shown on the right of the photograph on this occasion)
Ob: Young male head (?T behind head)
Rev: ΦΑΛΑΝΝΑΙΩΝ, head of Nymph Phalanna right, hair in sakkos
Ref: BMC 7:10 var, S2180 var, SNG Cop 205
6.78g, 19mm. 
A scare coin in very nice state of preservation and lovely detail, good patina. Very Fine. 
£60 SOLD


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