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Kings of Mercia, Offa (757-96), Penny, Canterbury, Ethelmod, Very Rare


Obv: + OFFA REX in two lines, Mercian M above
Rev: ED:EEL MOD in two lines, cross in brackets above
0.97g, 18mm 
Ref: Chick 229, Blunt 95, N276, S907
Prov:ex DNW
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Anglo-Saxon Coinage

This period shows a gradual deterioration in money supply with the departure of the Romans. Merovingian Frankish coinage, Byzantine, obsolete Roman and pure Saxon coinage were all copied. The first English pennies, known today as sceats or sceattas (pronounced 'skeets' or 'shatters'), were produced around 600AD. These gradually morphed, with continental influence, to named pieces exhibited by leaders during the pre-Viking period of Northumbria and the Archbishops of York, around 700AD. The copper styca gradually emerged around the 9th century.


The influences of the Frankish coinage, with a full, round flan, was introduced to England probably by Offa, and the Kings of Kent, Mercia, Wessex and East Anglia produced their own pennies in silver at this time; then added to by the Vikings around 900. 


During the 2nd century the coinage was unified during the reign of first 'King of All England', Eadgar. There was also a portrait on the flan for the first time. Production of coinage then simply changed with each reign until the Norman Conquest during 1066. Later coins from this period my be found on the medieval page.




Comes with Fitzwilliam Museum finds report. Described by them as 'very rare'. S950.

1.11g, 19mm 

WAS £850 NOW 10% OFF @ £765


Cnut Cut Half Short Cross Penny


Thin area and crack through flan, however, it is stable and doesn't detract from this lovely historic coin.

S1159, N790. Good fine.  £55  SOLD

Cnut (1016-1035) Penny, Quatrefoil type, Canterbury, Winedaeg


Good very fine, scarce




0.93g, 19mm


£340 (P & P paid)

Eadred (946-955) Penny, Crowned Bust Type, East Anglian Style, No mint name, Large Fragment


Most of portrait visible.

Very rare.



0.86g, 20mm


£370 (P&P paid) for sale until 28.2.19

Eadmund Silver Penny with Central Annulet


Broken but held in an archival film box for display (will be dispatched like this). Can be removed if you wish.


Very fine. Ex Lord Stewartby Collection.





 £299 (P&P paid) for sale until 28.2.19

Aethelred II Silver CRUX Type Voided Short Cross Penny, London 991-997AD




Crack along inner circle line, peck marks.



Found in Suffolk.


Aelfget moneyer. London mint.


£150 (P&P paid) Reserved

Edward the Confessor, Silver Penny, Facing Bust/ Small Cross Type, Lincoln Mint, 1042-1066


Moneyer Lefwine, bust weakly struck but other parts better, good round flan and clear legends.


Rev: LEFPINE ON LINC around small cross pattee


Grade considered overall 'fine to fine +'.

19mm, 0.98g


£290 (P&P free)

Edward the Confessor, Silver Penny, Facing Bust Type, Steyning 1042-1066



Ref: S 1183, N 830

Prov: Ex Lord Stewartby Collection, Spink sale

0.95g, 18mm

Surface cracks to reverse, edge slightly chipped otherwise grade considered 'Very Fine' with a beautiful portrait. Scarce example.

Comes with old ticket.


Sale until 28.2.19

£300 (P&P free) NOW £270

Early Silver Anglo Saxon Primary Sceatta or Sceat


Portrait type with radiate bust

Standard with TOTII


Obverse a little weak, reverese better.



£90 (P&P paid)


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