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Maundy Money

The monarch has given Maundy coins to the needy for centuries, the first king to do so was Charles II in 1662. The 4d, 3d, 2d and 1d became a separate denomination and the 1 penny coins were one of our smallest to be produced.


George III 1800 Silver Maundy 1 Penny 


This coin is under just 12mm wide!


£55 (P&P FREE to UK)


William IIII 1832 Silver MAundy 1 Penny



This coin is only 11mm wide!



£50 ( P&P FREE to UK)


George IIII 1828 Silver Maundy 2d



This coin is only 13mm!


Near uncirculated


£80 (P&P to UK FREE)

George III 1762 Silver Maundy 3d



17mm wide. Fine.



£65 (P&P FREE to UK)



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