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Victoria, Gold Half Sovereign, 1887, Jubilee Type, Shield Back

Obverse: Victoria wearing her famous small Jubilee crown facing left

Reverse: Crowned topped shield of arms, legend around

Grade: VF/VF+

19mm, 3.97g

Ref: Spink 3869D


Will be supplied in a display box.


£250 (+P&P to UK, other locations please ask first)

Victoria, Gold Half Sovereign,1899, Old Head, George & Dragon Back

Obverse: Victoria wearing tiara and veil, facing left

Reverse: St. George on horseback slaying the dragon, date below

Grade: VF+

19mm, 4g

Ref: Spink 3874


Will be supplied in a display box.


£260 (+P&P to UK, other locations please ask first)

George III Gold Third Guinea, 1802, Issued by Royal Mint, SCARCE

Obverse: Head of George III, right, legend around



Note: This coin was only minted during the reign of George III and was struck between 1797 to 1813. To the everyday person it was known as a seven shilling piece! The sovereign was then issued to replace it.

Reverse: Crown with date below, legend around

19mm, 2.7g of 22 carat gold

Grade: AVF

Ref: S3739



£300 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Indian Gold Fanam c 1688-1750, Southern India, Stylised Lion


Indian Gold Fanam c 1688-1750, Southern India, stylised lion 

0.31g, 7mm 

3 (now only 2) available various styles and depictions (not necessarily that in image)

An unusual and valuable, historic coin.



£38 each (P&P FREE to UK other location please ask)

Royal MInt Gold Proof Half-Sovereign 2000


This boxed half-sovereign issued by the Royal Mint in 2000, is made from 916.7 fineness gold of the highest quality. The proof, mint FDC (fleur-de-coin) finish is preserved by its plastic capsule. The proof finish is a testiment to the Royal Mint's highest finish only preserved for its best coins.



Only 7,458 were issued. Comes with Royal mint box, but without its original certificate, but a History Coin's certificate of authenticity.


Weight: 3.99g

Diameter: 19.3mm



£250 (+P&P to UK only, other locations please ask first)

Proof Solid Gold Mozart Coin dated 2000, 21st Century Rarities Series

A small proof solid gold coin from the '21st Century Rarities' series depicting Mozart, dated 2000. With original certificate. 

0.5g and 11mm.



£25  SOLD

1/10th Ounce Gold Britannia, Issued to Commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Britannia Range, 1997




Only 5,000 of these proof gold coins were issued for general distribution and comes in its original Royal Mint box from 1997 along with its certificate numbered only 36! The depiction of Britannia as a charioteer, designed by Philip Nathan, is stunning, 

The face value of this coin is £10, but has a minimum of a 1/10th of an ounce of finest gold, that's 3.412g, and a diameter of 16.5 mm.


Comes boxed and in a capsule for protection, with original certificate.






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