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Post Tudor

This period contained both the last hammered coinage, early milled and copper coinage of low denomination were issued privately under licence. 

Charles I, Halfcrown, 1625-42, Triangle Within Circle 1641-43, Tower mint under the King, Group IV, Type 4

VF, short stress marks on obverse, usual irregular flan, but above average 'horseman.' 
33mm, 15.25g                                                                      SOLD

Charles I, Shilling 1634-4, P in brackets mm, Tower Mint Under Parliament

Clipped, as is often the case, fair grade.

29mm, 5.61g, S2800  


Charles I, Shilling 1632-33, Harp mm, Tower mint under King

S2789 AVF, but clipped, reverse best.

30mm, 5.62g




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