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Tudor - Elizabeth I

This page is dedicated to the coins of Elizabeth I. Please click on the pictures to enlarge it.

Elizabeth I, Silver Groat, Cross-Crosslet MInt Mark, 1560-1561


Elizabeth I Silver Groat, Cross-Crosslet Mint Mark, 2nd Issue, 1560-61, S2556

Good portrait but a little damage to edge.


£90 SOLD

Elizabeth I, Silver Shilling, Woolpack Mint Mark, 1558-1603


Elizabeth I Silver Shilling, Sixth Issue, 1558-1603, Woolpack Mint Mark. Lovely 6B portrait, 33mm, 6.21g. VF+

S2577, N2014


£260 SOLD

Elizabeth I, Silver Sixpence, 1561, Small 1F Bust, Pheon Mint Mark



Obv: ELIZABETH D G ANG FRA ET HI REGINA,Pheon mint mark, small 1F bust , rose behind

Rev: POSVI DEV ADIVTOREM MEV, long cross over coat of arms, date above.


Third and Fourth issue coin.

Grade VF with lovely portrait, date a little weak

26mm, 2.61g


£160 (+P&P, non-UK locations please ask first)

Elizabeth I, Silver Sixpence, 1567, Short Lion Initial Mark, London Mint


Obverse: Crowned bust of Elizabeth, left, rose behind. ELIZABETH D G ANG FR ET HI REGINA

Reverse: Flat-topped shield of arms with long cross, date above, POSVI DEV AD IVTORE M MLV

Grade: VF, areas of weakness, almost complete flan

2.98g, 26mm

Ref: S 2562, N1997

Prov: Ex DNW, previously Walter Wilkinson collection


£165 (+ P&P, non-UK locations please ask for postage) 


Elizabeth I, Silver Shilling, Tun Mint Mark, 6th Issue, 1592-5



Obverse: Head of Elizabeth, left, no rose

Reverse: square topped shield of arms with long cross, no date.

30mm, 5.85g

Grade: Very Fine, good portrait although a little weak to the top. ELIZAB instead of the usual ELIZABETH.



 £190 (+P&P, non-UK locations please ask first)

Elizabeth I, Silver Shilling, 1584-86, Escallop Mint Mark


Obv: ELIZB D G ANG FRA ET BIB REGI, crowned bust left, escallop mint mark


Note: the normal legend for this coin should read ELIZAB, this is an unusual die varient.


Rev: POSVI DEV ADIVTOREM MEV, long cross over coat of arms.


This is a sixth issue coin, brought back to silver fineness by Elizabeth.


S2577, grade 'good fine'

31mm, 5.75g


£190 (+P&P)



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