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Mary I (1553-1558)

Mary I (Bloody Mary) Silver Groat, Pomegranate Mint mark, 1553-1554



Obverse: Crowned bust, left, legend around with pomegranate mint mark

The coin has, what appears to be, an original piercing and as this seems to be through the heart - by a disgruntled Protestant?!

Reverse: VERITAS TEMPORIS FILIA, long cross over royal shield

25mm, 1.65g

Ref: N1960, S2492

Grade: AVF, good portrait for type and dark toning but a little wrinkled and pierced

Prov: Ex DNW



£220 SOLD

Philip and Mary, Silver Groat, Lis Mint Mark, 1554-1558



Obverse: Crowned bust of Mary alone, left, PHILIP Z MARIA D G REX Z REGINA

Reverse: POSUIMUS DEUM ADIUTO NOS, long cross over royal shield, initial mint mark lis

23mm, 1.93g

Ref: N1973, S2508

Grade: F/AVF, weak portrait which is often the case with these coins



£145 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask)

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