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Harald Bluetooth 

Harald was the king of Denmark between 958 and 986. He was a man of vision and saw that the system of barter and plunder, mostly plunder, was not a way of creating a long lasting satisfactory business, so trade had to become legitimate and what better way than to produce your own coins. His first coins were bracteates, as is our coin for sale. He colonised Britain, Normandy and Norway. Bracteates were mint at Hedeby in Denmark, our coin is probably from about 950. Hedeby became the biggest trading area in Europe, unfortunately this was primarily in slaves. He converted to Christianity, but the reason for this is contested, however, as Christianity took hold of Denmark the Viking raids lessened.

Harald Bluetooth, 975-985, Silver Bracteate, Hedeby Mint


This rare large fragment of a silver bracteate is so thin that the impression on the obverse can be seen on the reverse.

The design is believed to have come from Carolingian coins in the name of Charlemagne. The mint name of Dorstad is indicated by the vestiges of TAT across the coin. There is an axe below.

17mm, 0.17g

Ref: Hbg 1

Grade: Despite being a fragment, this is a wonderful example of an extremely rare coin!

£600 SOLD

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