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Harthacnut or Hardeknud of Denmark

Hardeknud,  Harthacnut or Canute III was the son of Cnut (the Great) and Emma of Normandy. He became king of Denmark in 1032 and also became king of England in 1040. There are various coin types both in his name and in the name of his father. Many are based on the English style of penny, but others have a style of their own which make them very appealing. Please view the other Harthacnut page for those minted in Britain.

Hardeknud Harthacnut), Denmark, Penny, Hedeby Mint, 1035-1042


Obverse: Parallel rope-type lines with text inside, double circles around and legend to surround


Reverse: Small cross, dot and crescent at the end of each arm, in circle; legend around

Grade: VF+

Ref: Hauberg 50 var, (obverse as 1539)

0.64g, 18mm (small flan, unusual variant)

Prov: Ex Bruun Rasmussen


£680 SOLD

Hardeknud (Harthacnut), Silver Penny, Lund Mint, Denmark, 1035-42


Obverse: Bare headed, draped bust to left with shield on left shoulder, +HARECNV

Reverse: Voided long cross, legend around indicating Lund mint

Ref: Hauberg 28

0.77g, 17mm

Grade: VF/AVF

Prov: Ex Bruun Rasmussen, previuosly owned by Danish painter and numismatist Poul Hjelmer in 40's.


£850 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

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