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Viking Artefacts

Almost as soon as the Norseman put a foot on British soil they dropped, broke, smashed and impaled with hundreds of different items that they left behind. In return they took more than they came with! Raids were usually violent and destructive, but as time went on and they settled on our shores, they were seen to be a talented and creative people. Gold, silver and precious gems were obtained from all over the world and either fashioned into something else or bartered for other commodities. Styles were incorporated into their own from Byzantine, European Celtic and Russian influences. 

Viking Silver Twisted Torc with Elaborate Closure, 9th to 12th Centuries


For a closer look at this beautiful twisted torc, have a look at the video at:  https://youtu.be/pVUVivJqwUE

This charming torc is 120g and 19cm across. The shank is 5mm thick and toned with a plain area to the rear where it would rub on the neck.

Grade: Fine+

Prov: Ex TimeLine Auctions, previously a private London collection and before that a German collection.

For further images please ask.


£490 SOLD

Viking Knot Pendant, Silver, 9th - 11th Century 


A base silver openwork triquetra with beaded band, ribbed loop above. 2.3g, 23mm. Ex TimeLine, previously from an old London family collection. Possibly wearable.

£170 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Viking Silver Poppy-Head Cloak or Hair Pin, 10th to 11th Century


A silver pin with a tapered shaft, with a 'poppy' terminal, the lower part plain, the top decorated with lines of small dots. 11cm long, 6.23g. Provenance: acquired from TimeLine Auctions, previously from an old English collection. 

£80 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask first please)

Scandinavian Pendent, Bronze, Crucifix of Two Beaded Loops, 8th to 11th Century

A rare piece of early Christian influence in the Scandinavian area. 26mm x 19mm, with loop to top making it wearable with appropriate leather thong necket or chain. A lovely gift!



£120 SOLD

Viking Bridal Cheekpiece Fragment, Ringerike Style, 11th Century


A great piece of history! A cheekpiece from the right side of the horses bridal. 'Ringerike' style, decorated and zoomorphic. Probably bronze.

£55 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Viking Bronze Omega Brooch, Mordvinian Type, 11th to 13th Century


Omega brooch with penannular hoop with pin for attachment, triangular flans with pieced lugs to the edges, two decorative wire dangles remain.

55mm x 44mm, 12.34g.

 £75 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask)

Viking Bronze Strap End with Chevron Pattern and Animal Head Terminal,

8th - 11th Century


Beautiful little strap-end of a honey bronze colour. 30mm long and weighs 2.23g. Ex TimeLine auctions, previously a private UK collection. Makes a great present for a lover of the past!


£25 SOLD

Viking Bronze Openwork Applique with Geometrical/Astrological Decoration,

9th-11th Century

This bronze item has a wonderful patina, gained from hundreds of years of weathering. It is 42mm wide. Acquired from an Austrian antiques dealer. The decoration is slightly different on each side with a punched ring and dot motif.

£230 SOLD

Viking Silver Circular Pendant with Granulation Decoration,

10th to 12th Century

A superb large silver disc shaped pendant with beaded wire border, two ribbed attachment loops, four cells for gems or other decoration, granular geometric ornamentation. Ex London gallery. 57mm in diameter.


£300 SOLD

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