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Here at History Coins we are passionate about education, we therefore offer a beginner's guide to support you through the early days of your new hobby. By buying this book, you will not only learn about the coins from your favourite periods in history, but you will also receive the support of History Coins too, where you can: 

  • Be supplied with a collectors guide for the novice coin collector called 'History Through Coin'
  • Buy good quality, authentic coins
  • Obtain advice about market prices when considering buying from another site or auction
  • Have identification help when you have bitten off more than you can chew
  • Information, Newsletters and discount coin prices
  • Bibliography
  • and a guarantee that all coins are 100% authentic, are not museum copies or modern day fakes - or your money back!

How to Buy          


To obtain this 109 page guide for £20 plus postage, select your location. The amount quoted will include the book and postage to your chosen location. If you select the incorrect area you will be emailed to make up the shortfall. Thank you.        

What will I learn from the collectors guide?


This is a brief run down of the contents of the book:


  • Introduction
  • The design and manufacture of coins 
  • Coins as pieces of history and art, including Greece, Rome, Byzantine, Celts, Tudor, Hammered vs Milled and more modern designs
  • Photographing coins
  • A selection of historic coins and their background 
  • Collecting coins for yourself and how to identify them
  • Time-line of the history of coin
  • Example pictures from Greek, Roman and British gold, silver and base metal coins
  • Handy lists of Emperors and the Kings & Queens of Britain
  • Glossary of coin terms
  • Bibliography
  • and lots more!


Don't forget you also get the support of History Coins through the early years of your new hobby, so do keep in touch.



If you have any further question, do ask them via the 'Contact' page.


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