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This page is in the process of being built. Come back soon for games, puzzles, quizzes and lots of information. Also, become a 'History Ambassador' and tell us what you know and spread the word how great history is!

Welcome to the Kids Page

Welcome to the 'History Coins Kids Page' - specially for its 'History Ambassadors' (but of course adults are allowed too)! 


Find colouring pages, fun facts, puzzles and quizzes as well as how to become a 'History Ambassador'


Our 1st History Ambassador is Jack, he loves history especially the Romans and World War 1 & 2. Jack has been kind enough to give us some facts about our MONARCH of the MONTH - Harold II.

Jack's facts about:

King Harold II

  • His real name was Harold Godwinson
  • He was the last crowned Anglo-Saxon king of England
  • He ruled for 9 months between January and October 1066
  • He fought for the throne at the Battle of Hastings
  • Harold lost the battle and died from and arrow being shot into his eye!
  • William the Conqueror won the battle and was the next king of England

Thanks Jack, here are a few extra facts for you:

  • He was born about 1022AD (that's about 40 generations ago)
  • He was born in Wessex (now Dorset)
  • He was placed on the throne to stop William.
Harold being hit in the eye by an arrow as depicted on the Bayeux tapestry
Here is a silver penny from the reign of Harold II

CROSSWORD #1 Test your knowledge and vocabulary skills about history and coins

History Coins Crossword for Children #1
The first crossword for children using facts and vocabulary specifically about coins and history. The answers will be below.
Crossword 1 18.8.20.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [60.4 KB]

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