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Roman Coins for Sale                                        

Great Republican, Imperial, Provincial, Byzantine and themed coins are for sale.

Collecting for Beginners                          

New to collecting? Advice, sales and information are just a click away.

Why collect coins

(they're just lumps of old metal, aren't they)? 


Coin collecting is a tangible way to get in contact with the past. It is a direct link to the politics, royal lines, propaganda and religions of the day in a small affordable package!

  • If you like history and art, you don't need to spend thousands on antiques or hundreds on artwork, you can spend just £40 and hold a special small piece of enduring history in your hand!
  • Coins are a snapshot of the aspirations, triumphs and boasts of past rulers, just like a modern day selfie!
  • The art work is beautiful and can rival the sculptures and paintings of the masters in miniature.
  • As an investment you can collect precious metals in a very aesthetically pleasing way. 
  • If you like Geography too, you can hop around the globe and collect more modern day coinage from the majority of countries in the world.
  • They don't take up much space and they don't have to be very messy, unless you like metal detecting too!
  • Coin collecting is a fascinating hobby that can lead to many others.


Portfolios or Personal Collections


Portfolios can be produced for investment or as a present e.g. new grandchild. Like shares, it must be noted, that the value of coins can go down as well as up - but unlike shares they are much nicer to look at and can be appreciated for years to come! Please ask for advice and to discuss a theme or your preferred coin era. 


To read more about coin collecting for a possible profit, read 'Are Coins An Investment?' 

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NEW this month:

STAR COIN: A beautiful ancient Greek, Campania, Neapolis Didrachm.


NEW specific emperors of Imperial Rome, such as Nero & Vespasian.


Alexander the Great 'Lifetime issue' Amphipolis mint now for sale!


Additional coins of Henry VIII are now for sale.


Full and half sovereigns are now for sale on the later milled area.


A very rare Harold Bluetooth now available!


More fantastic coins are available at our partner site The Hoard, do take a look at their great ceramics and glass too!


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