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Henry II

Coinage from the reign of Henry II will appear here soon, please visit regularly or join the Newsletter for updates.

Plantagenets, Henry II, Cross-and-Crosslets 'Tealby' Penny, Newcastle,

Willem Moneyer, 1170-1180

Obverse: Crowned, facing bust (possibly class D) wearing armour and mantle with sceptre in right hand

Reverse: Large cross potent with small potent in each angle; in centre a small cross in saltire 

Grade: Fine, good round flan and reasonable portrait for this typically badly struck coin. 

20mm, 1.24g

Ref: S1340


£300 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Henry II, Silver Voided Short Cross Penny, Iohan, London, Cl 1b

Obverse: Crowned facing bust, holding sceptre in right hand into legend, hENRICVS REX


Reverse: Small voided cross with quatrefoils in each angle, beaded circle around, +IOHAN ON LVND

1.22g, 19mm

Grade: Fine+, good portrait if a little weak in parts, well centred

Ref: S1344

Prov: Ex Lockdales, previously Seaby, with two old tickets



£160 (P&P free to all locations)



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