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The Tudors reigned from 1485 to 1603. Purchase reasonable grade coins at great prices. Postage will be added at checkout.

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Henry VIII, Profile Silver Groat, Second Coinage, Lis mm, 1526-44



S 2337E Laker bust D 
25mm, 2.61g



Near VF 






Henry VII, AR Sovereign Penny, Archbishop Rotherham, 1485-1509


S2238 York mint, Archbishop Rotherham with two pillars to throne. Weak strike or worn. Pierced for touch-piece? 

Reverse has two keys below the shield.








Henry VIII, AR Halfgroat, 1532


King in profile, Cross Patonce initial mark,

Canterbury,  Arch. Warham.

Reverse: CIVITAS CAnTOR, WA beside shield

S 2343

18mm, 1.16g




Henry VIII, AR Groat, 1526-44


2nd coinage, arrow legend missing.

Nice portrait and reasonable reverse. 


14mm, 2.08g




Henry VIII, Sovereign Penny, 1509-23




TD to either side of shield.

Bishop Ruthall (1509-23)

15mm, 0.7g




Edward VI, AR Shilling, 1551-53


Tun initial mark. Weak strike to

obverse, reverse better.

Facing portrait with rose to left and value to right.



32mm, 5.69g





Edward VI, 2nd Issue ?Canterbury 1549


Reasonable portrait of profile bust. Uncertain mint mark, but probably 'T', bust type 3 or 4.



Oval garnished shield dividing E & R.


30mm, 5.18g 




Tudor, Mary I, Silver Groat


Pomegranate mm


Discernible portrait, these coins are often very weakly struck.

Reverse veritas.







Philip and Mary, Shilling, 1554



A nice example of this often weakly struck coin. Both portraits of Philip of Spain and Mary.







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