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Early Milled Coinage

Charles II, Early Machine Made Issue*, SIlver Halfgroat or 2d, Bust to Bottom Edge of Coin, Second Issue, 1660-1662


Obverse: Crowned bust of king, left, to bottom edge, single arched crown, no inner circle, denomination behind head, CAROLVS II D G M B F & H REX

Reverse: Shield of arms over long cross fourchee, initial mint mark a crown on reverse only, CHRISTO AVSPICE REGNO

Listed as a hammered coin, these coins were probably a trial to the later milled coinage and made by machine.

Ref: S3318

14mm, 0.96g, Nearly EF



Charles II, Halfcrown, 1676, VICESIMO OCTAVO


Fourth draped bust, right. Reverse better than obverse, interlinked Cs in angles. Legend on edge V OCTAVO etc. Ex DNW.

£130 (+ P&P to UK, other locations please ask)

Charles II, Crown, 1662 #3


First draped bust, rose below.

Fine to good fine

Edge dated.

'R' of GRA very weakly struck, possible die fault.



Reverse better.







£180 SOLD

William III, Silver Halfcrown, 1697, NONO Edge



Obv: First bust with round collar, right

Reverse: Four crowned shields, large shields, usual harp, NONO on edge for regnal year.


32mm, 14.27g

Ref: S3487

Grade: Fair


£90 SOLD



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