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Venice, Italy, Dogi Ranieri Zeno, Silver Grosso Matapan, AD 1253-1268

Obverse: Doge and St Mark standing facing, holding between them, DVX downwards to left of staff, RA CENO S M VENETI DVX

Reverse: Christ Pantokrator enthroned facing, IC XC across fields

Size: 20.5mm, 2.09g

Grade: VF+

Ref: Paolucci pg.19.1, Biaggi 2775



£85 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Austria, Ferdinand I, Silver 20 Kreuzer, Milan-M, AD 1843

Obverse: Laureate head right, FERD I D G AVSTR IMP HVNG BOH R H N V, mint mark: M

Reverse: Crowned imperial double eagle with coat-of-arms on breast and holding sword, sceptre and orb, crown above, REX LOMB ET VEN DALM GAL LOD ILL A A

Size: 26mm, 6.66g

Grade: VF+

Ref: KM:2208, Herinek 270



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Milan, Italy, Henry III-V, BI Denaro Scodellato, AD 1039-1125

Obverse: + IMPERATOR, HE RIC N in three lines

Reverse: Short cross pattée, MEDIOLANV

Size: 17mm, 0.71g

Grade: VF

Ref: Biaggi 1413, CNI V pg.48.2

Prov: Ex Numismatik Naumann



£110 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Early Medieval, Netherlands, County of Friesland, Bruno III, 1 Denier, c1038, RARE

Obverse: Crowned head of king with sceptre in front, legend around, +HENRICVS R (or similar)

Reverse: Legend around TIVA VREO (or similar) beaded band across middle with BRVN

Size: 16.5mm, 0.87g

Grade: Fine + for type




£140 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Judaea, First Jewish War AE Prutah, Yr 2= AD 67/8 

Obv: Amphora with broad rim and two handles, Year 2 in Paeleo-Hebrew

Rev: Vine leaf on small branch with tendril.

Size: 2.7g, 17mm.

Grade: VF, sandy deposits


£40 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Russia, Dovmont (Daumantas) of Pskov, Pskov Mint, Denga, 1425-1510

Obverse: Dovmont (Daumantas) of Pskov face on, with sword laid over right shoulder, Letter A to right for Pskov mint

Reverse: Beast to centre, legend around, ДЕНГА ПСКОВСКАЯ (Denga of Pskov) 

Size: 15mm, 0.76g

Grade: These so called 'wire money' coins were always irregular and whole legends etc. are rare. This coin is considered VF for type.

Prov: Ex Bruun Rasmussen


£220 (P&P FREE to all locations)

INDO-GREEK, Nahapana, Silver Drachm, Satrap in Western India, 53-99AD

Obvserve: Head of king right, Greek inscription around but is often illegible, as in this piece - ΡΑΝΝΙΩ ΞΑΗΑΡΑΤΑϹ ΝΑΗΑΠΑΝΑϹ = Raño Kshaharatasa Nahapanasa (or "King Kshaharata Nahapana")

Reverse: Stylised thunderbolt and arrow, Brahmi and Kharoshti legend around

Size: 16mm, 1.95g

Grade: AVF, slight staining to reverse

Ref: Indian Coins of the British Museum - Rapson, Plate IX. (243-250)


£80 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Germany, Maximilian II Joseph (1848-1864) 2 Gulden, 1855 

Obv: Bare headed bust right, MAXIMILIAN II KOENIG V BAYERN

Reverse: The Madonna standing on a crescent set upon a coloum, holding sceptre and infant Jesus who hold orb. Patern to edge.

Size: 36mm, 21.25g Silver

Grade: VF 

Ref: KM 848



£110 (P&P FREE to all locations)



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