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Australia, Victoria Gold Sovereign, 1868, Sydney Mint




Obverse: Young bust f Victoria, left, date below, legend around


Sealed in a Royal Mint capsule folder as part of their authenticity service.

Reverse: Crowned wreath with AUSTRALIA across, SYDNEY MINT and ONE SOVERIEGN around, milled edge

Grade: AVF 

Prov: Royal Mint authentication

Sizes as mint. One of the first sovereigns to be mint outside Britain in Australia from Australian newly discovered gold! A highly sought after coin at an affordable price.

£550  (+P&P to UK only, other location please ask first)

German States, Prussia, Silver 3 Marks,

Wilhelm II, 1913, Berlin Mint,

100 years Victory Over Napoleon


Obverse: Eagle with snake in talons, denomination below legend above

Reverse: Rider on horseback surrounded by celebrating crowd. Released to commemorate 100years after victory over Napoleon.

Grade: UNC with some uneven toning, made from .9000 silver

33mm, 16.67g




Russia, Dovmont (Daumantas) of Pskov, Pskov Mint, Denga, 1425-1510



Obverse: Dovmont (Daumantas) of Pskov face on, with sword laid over right shoulder, Letter A to right for Pskov mint

Reverse: Beast to centre, legend around, ДЕНГА ПСКОВСКАЯ (Denga of Pskov) 

15mm, 0.76g

Grade: These so called 'wire money' coins were always irregular and whole legends etc are rare. This coin is considered VF for type.

Prov: Ex Bruun Rasmussen


£220 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Isle of Man, Victoria, Copper Penny, 1839



Obverse: Young Queen's head wearing bun, looking left, date below

Reverse: The 'three-legged' emblem of the Isle of Man, legend around

Large heavy coin, 34mm, 18.6g

Grade: Fair, a few knocks to edge

Would make a nice present!

Scarce coin.



£35 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask please)

INDO-GREEK, Rudrasena II (255-278AD) SIlver Drachm, c250-275AD, Satrap in Western India


Obvserve: Head of king right, Greek inscription around but often illegible, as in this piece

Reverse: Chaitya (3 arched hil), river below, creasecent moon and sun above, Brahmi legend around

Grade: Fine

14.5mm, 2.0g

Ref: Indian Coins of the British Museum - Rapson, JA Delhi#581


£35 SOLD



 These half cents have something of a history. They were issued by the Philadelphia mint and only two dies were ever used - to destruction! The actual number produced is not known but considered to be around 120,000 and many were hoarded never to be found again. By 1850, they were recalled to be melted down for the production of the new Flying Eagle Cents, so their numbers would have been reduced again. Considered a very collectable coin in the States, this example would be graded at about VF despite being a circulated coin.


Copper, 5.4g, 24mm

Ob: Head of Lady Liberty with 13 stars around (one for each original US region) date below

Rev: Denomination surrounded by a wreath and legend


The record for this coin was reached in 2011 for a mint state, rainbow-coloured example, fetching $8,700!


£90 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Germany, Maximilian II Joseph (1848-1864) 2 Gulden, 1855 



Obv: Bare headed bust right, MAXIMILIAN II KOENIG V BAYERN

Reverse: The Madonna standing on a crescent set upon a coloum, holding sceptre and infant Jesus who hold orb. Patern to edge.

36mm, 21.25g Silver

Grade: Very fine 

Ref: KM 848



£110 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Russia, Tsar Nicholas II (1894-1917) 50 Kopeks, 1899, St. Petersburg



Obv: Bare head left


Rev: crowned imperial double eagle facing, holding sceptre and orb in talons, and crown above and coat-of-arms on breast.

Grade: VF

27mm, 9.83g
Prov: ex Naumann
£55 SOLD

Duchy of Lorraine, Charles IV (1625-1675) Silver Teston, 1627



bust right

Reverse: MONETA. NOVA. NANCEII. CVSA, crowned shield surmounted by date.

7.92g, 28mm

Grade: VF, minor flan flaws, toned.




£250 (+P&P, locations outside the UK please ask first)

Spanish, Charles IV 1788-1808, 2 Escudos,1804, Gold

This coin, known as a doubloon, was produced at the Madrid mint. 

22mm, 6.77g.

Great investment coin.        


        SOLD   £320 (+P&P)

Netherlands, Holland, Gold Ducat, 1763



Obv: standing knight holding bundle of arrows, sword over shoulder, date divided either side, legend CONCORDIA RES PAR CRES HOL.



Rev: legend in five lines within an ornamental cartouche, MO ORD PROVIN FOEDER BEL AD LEGIMP

3.5g of 0.9860 gold, 22mm

Grade: VF




£330 SOLD

USA, Gold 2 1/2 Dollar, 'Indian Head' 1914, Scarce Date, No D, Almost Mint



Obv: Native American head, legend around, date below


Design by Bela Lyon Pratt, initials below bust.



Rev: Eagle on branch, mottoes either side, legend above, denomination below.

18mm, 4.18g, 0.9000 gold in almost mint state.

Scarce date with no D left of branch on reverse. Only 240,117 minted. Will be supplied in capsule.

Prov: ex DNW considered about mint state.  



£365 SOLD

Russia, Ivan IV (the Terrible) as Grand Prince, Silver Kopek, 1533-1547



Obv: Ivan on horsebackgalloping right, striking downwards with a lance, 'A' between horse's legs


Rev: Legend translates to 'Prince Grand Lord of All Russia' in five lines of cyrillic script.

Grade: Typical good fine example for this coin, elliptic flan, so called 'Wire money''.

14mm, 0.67g, comes with old ticket


£45 SOLD

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