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Russia, Tsar Nicholas II (1894-1917) 50 Kopeks, 1899, St. Petersburg



Obv: Bare head left


Rev: crowned imperial double eagle facing, holding sceptre and orb in talons, and crown above and coat-of-arms on breast.

Grade: VF

27mm, 9.83g
Prov: ex Naumann
£55 (P&P Free to UK, other locations please ask first)

Duchy of Lorraine, Charles IV (1625-1675) Silver Teston, 1627



bust right

Reverse: MONETA. NOVA. NANCEII. CVSA, crowned shield surmounted by date.

7.92g, 28mm

Grade: VF, minor flan flaws, toned.




£250 (+P&P, locations outside the UK please ask first)

Netherlands, Holland, Gold Ducat, 1763



Obv: standing knight holding bundle of arrows, sword over shoulder, date divided either side, legend CONCORDIA RES PAR CRES HOL.



Rev: legend in five lines within an ornamental cartouche, MO ORD PROVIN FOEDER BEL AD LEGIMP

3.5g of 0.9860 gold, 22mm

Grade: VF




£330 (+P&P)  RESERVED

Spanish, Charles IV 1788-1808, 2 Escudos,1804, Gold

This coin, known as a doubloon, was produced at the Madrid mint. 

22mm, 6.77g.

Great investment coin.        


                                           £320 (+P&P)

USA, Gold 2 1/2 Dollar, 'Indian Head' 1914, Scarce Date, No D, Almost Mint



Obv: Native American head, legend around, date below


Design by Bela Lyon Pratt, initials below bust.



Rev: Eagle on branch, mottoes either side, legend above, denomination below.

18mm, 4.18g, 0.9000 gold in almost mint state.

Scarce date with no D left of branch on reverse. Only 240,117 minted. Will be supplied in capsule.

Prov: ex DNW considered about mint state.  



£365 SOLD

France, Louis XIII (1610-1643) Double Tournois, 1613


Obv: Laureate bust of king, right


Rev: three fleur-de-lis, surrounded by legend and date.


Grade: VF

20mm, 3.10g



£18 SOLD

Russia, Ivan IV (the Terrible) as Grand Prince, Silver Kopek, 1533-1547



Obv: Ivan on horsebackgalloping right, striking downwards with a lance, 'A' between horse's legs


Rev: Legend translates to 'Prince Grand Lord of All Russia' in five lines of cyrillic script.

Grade: Typical good fine example for this coin, elliptic flan, so called 'Wire money''.

14mm, 0.67g, comes with old ticket


£45 SOLD

Canada, Newfoundland, George V,

Silver 50 Cents, 1911



Obv: crowned head of George, left


Reverse: 50 Cents and date surrounded by Newfoundland


Grade: VF, circulated but very good condition, .925 silver

30mm, 11.731g



£25 SOLD


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