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With the demonetisation of the guinea, the sovereign became the favoured coin for business transactions and a way to hold gold during the Victorian era. As they were in circulation, many are seen worn or made into jewellery but VF and better examples are still around and we have a few here to sell you. P&P to the UK is FREE, other locations please ask first. Click on the image for more detail, for a condition report please ask.


Due to requests, we have added additional gold coins here too, such as guineas. 


Give someone special a precious gift of gold, not only does it reflect numismatic history, it also may increase in value! There are two to choose from, both examples are in very fine condition with minimal scratches and dents for once circulated coins. Detail is excellent with little wear to the high points. Either coin will be dispatched in a display gift box, and postage, to any address, is FREE to the UK (other locations please ask). Coins are accompanied by a crertificate of authenticity.

£435 SOLD


Coin information:

24ct gold (fineness of 9.167)

7.98g (of which 7.3224 is pure gold)


Obverse: bare head of king, facing left

Reverse: St. George and the dragon over a ground line with date below.

Grade: VF+ with a few light scratches and knocks commensurate with circulation and age. Comes in double capsule and box.

What happened in 1913, 110 years ago!

  • Herbert H Asquith was Prime Minister in England.
  • The Suffragettes where released early from prison when they went on hunger strike, but only when they were close to death, in the so called 'Cat and Mouse Act'.
  • The first mass produced zip was patented and so was the bra.
  • Al Jolson was a the top of the US charts with 'You Made Me Love You,' and 'When Irish Eyes are Smilling' topped it in the UK!


George III, Spade Guinea, With Royal Mint Box, VF+,1793

Further details are available on the Later Milled Page.

Full Sovereigns

Victoria, Full Gold Sovereign, George & the Dragon Rev, VF+ 1887

Victoria, Full Gold Sovereign, Shieldback Rev, VF+ 1862

Half Sovereigns

Victoria, Half Gold Sovereign, Jubilee, Shieldback Rev, EF+ 1887

Victoria, Half Gold Sovereign, Shieldback Rev, AEF 1861

Victoria, Half Gold Sovereign, Shieldback Rev, VF 1860



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NEW specific emperors of Imperial Rome, such as Nero & Vespasian.


Alexander the Great 'Lifetime issue' Amphipolis mint now for sale!


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Full and half sovereigns are now for sale on the later milled area.


A very rare Harold Bluetooth now available!


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