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Henry III Silver Voided Long Cross Penny


With sceptre. Class 5g



£70 SALE PRICE (was £95)    SOLD

Henry III Silver Voided Long Cross Penny#2


Canterbury mint

With sceptre. NICOLE ON CANT



£50 (P&P FREE to UK)

Edward I Silver Hammered Penny


S1389, possibly class 3cd, London mint


20mm, 1.49g

A beautiful example, grade EF with nice toning.

£55 (P&P FREE to UK)

Edward III Silver Groat, Pre-Treaty 1351-61


Series E coin,



London mint

Variety with nick in right arm of 'V' due to die damage

Rather clipped by a nice example, considered Fine.

26mm, 3.57g



£65 (P&P FREE to UK) 

Henry VI Silver Groat, Annulet Issue


1422-27 pierced cross initial mark, with annulets in two quarters on reverse.

Ref: S1835


Reverse of coin.

Annulet in two quarters. Good detail and toning, but a little buckled although almost a full flan, with grade considered 'Very Fine'.

28mm, 3.85g


£160  (P&P FREE to UK)

Henry VI Silver Groat, Rosette-Mascle Issue, Calais Mint


1430-31  Cross initial mark, with rosettes and mascle on reverse.

Ref: S1859


Excellent portrait and almost a full flan, with grade considered 'AEF' but with a little weakness to bottom. Lovely tone. Comes with old ticket and Seaby packet.

28mm, 3.86g


£210  (P&P FREE to UK)

Henry VI Silver Groat, Leaf-Pellet Issue, London Mint, 1427-1434


Cross patonce initial mark, leaf to neck and two pellets either side of crown. Good portrait but a little weak to the top of legend, nice toning.  From a very old collection, old ticket quoting 'Duke of Argyll Collection' and Seaby packet. 

Ref: S1917 var, North 1505 Class C 


Obverse stops saltire. No extra pellets in quarters.





£240 (P&P free to UK)

Edward IV Silver Groat, 1st Reign, Light Coinage, 1467-8


Quatrefoils at neck, crown mint mark. London.

3.11g, 27mm

S2000, good portrait and almost full flan, grade VF, lovely tone.

Comes with old ticket and Seaby packet.

This historic coin was minted during the House of York's first visit to the throne in 1461. Edward married Elizabeth Woodville (the 'White Queen') in 1464, but the throne was lost in 1470 after the continual struggle for power with the Lancastrians. His second reign during 1471-83 brought relative peace to the country.


£180 (P&P FREE to UK)

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