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Mary I (1553-1558)

Mary I (Bloody Mary) Silver Groat, Pomegranate Mint mark, 1553-1554



Obverse: Crowned bust, left, legend around with pomegranate mint mark

The coin has, what appears to be, an original piercing and as this seems to be through the heart - by a disgruntled Protestant?!

Reverse: VERITAS TEMPORIS FILIA, long cross over royal shield

25mm, 1.65g

Ref: N1960, S2492

Grade: AVF, good portrait for type and dark toning but a little wrinkled and pierced

Prov: Ex DNW



£220 SOLD

Philip and Mary, Silver Groat, Lis Mint Mark, 1554-1558



Obverse: Crowned bust of Mary alone, left, PHILIP Z MARIA D G REX Z REGINA

Reverse: POSUIMUS DEUM ADIUTO NOS, long cross over royal shield, initial mint mark lis

23mm, 1.93g

Ref: N1973, S2508

Grade: F/AVF, weak portrait which is often the case with these coins



£145 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask)

An example of the facing bust variety of the Philip and Mary coin can be viewed on the main Tudor page, however, it has been sold.

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