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The Roman Republic

Little is known of the period before the formation of the Roman Republic and what is known is largely based on myths and legends, but around 509BC the citizens of Rome decided to govern themselves. This overthrow took probably decades and was unlikely to have been bloodless, but until the fall in 27BC with the establishment of the Roman Empire, Rome went on to conquer all of Italy and much of the Mediterranean as well. Coinage as a means of exchange appeared in the early 3rd century and was cast not struck, silver and gold struck coinage appeared about 280BC and the denarius around the end of the 2nd century. 

Republican Early Struck Pre-Reform Bronze, Uncia 217-215BC

Obverse: Head of Roma in crested Attic helmet, pellet behind

Reverse: Prow of galley right, ROMA above, pellet below

Grade: Fair, slightly corroded but good detail for type especially the reverse

24mm, 12.32g

Ref: S615, RRC38/6

Prov: From a private UK collection


£70 (P&P FREE to UK other locations ask)

Q Lutatius Cerco Silver Denarius, Galley, 109-109BC RARE

Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma (or Mars) right; mark of value to left, CERCO to right, ROMA above
Reverse: Galley right with head of Roma on prow; all within oak wreath, Q LVTATI above galley
Grade: AVF with nice tone, but weak areas, VERY RARE
3.82g, 18.5mm
Ref: S182
Prov: Ex Lockdales
The placing of a ship, galley or prow on Roman coins is not uncommon but neither is it frequent, they are often basic bow shapes, so to find a virtual full ship is astounding. 
£260 (P&P FREE to all locations)

L Cornelius & C Claudius Marcellus Silver Denarius, Medusa Triskele, 49 BC RARE

Obverse: Triskele with winged head of medusa in centre, head of corn between legs of triskele

Reverse: Jupiter holding a thunderbolt and eagle, LENT (NT in ligature) to lower left, MAR monogram to upper left, COS to lower right

Ref: S1197, RSC 64a

Prov: Ex DNW

Grade: Fine+ RARE in any grade


£300 (P&P FREE to UK other locations please ask)

P Fonteius P.F. Capito Silver Denarius 55BC

Obverse: [P FONTE]IVS P F CAPITO III VIR, helmeted and draped bust of Mars, right, with trophy over shoulder.


Grade: VF, obverse off centre and weak area to reverse otherwise strong details



Reverse: MN FONT TR MIL (MN and NT in monogram), horseman galloping right about to spear a warrior below who is attacking a third disarmed combatant, Gallic helmet and shield to right 

18mm, 3.84g

Ref: Sear 39



 L. Autronius, Silver Denarius, Rome, 180 BC, SCARCE VARIATION

Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma, right, X (a denomination mark) behind head



Numismatic note: This is a rare coin with only a few types, normally the Dioscuri are shown with stars above their heads, here they do not, ROMA is also usually in a frame, again, here it is not. 

Reverse: The Dioscuri, each holding a spear, on horseback galloping right, AVTR in monogram below, ROMA in exergue

18mm, 4.09g

Grade: AVF

Ref: Sear 64var


£210 (P&P FREE to UK other locations please ask)


C Minucius Augurinus, Silver Denarius, Columna Minucia, 135BC

Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma, right,X below chin, ROMA behind

Reverse: Column surrounded by statue between to togate figures C AVG above

Ref: S119

3.83g, 19mm

Grade: VF


 £180 (P&P FREE to UK other locations ask)

Mn. Aquillius Mn.F. N, Silver Serrated Denarius, Rome Mint, 71 BC

Obverse: Helmeted head of Virtus, right; VIRTVS III VIR around


Reverse: The consul Manius Aquillius standing facing, holding shield and raising slumped Sicilian by arm; MN AQVIL, and MN.F MN N. to fields left and right, [SICIL] in exergue

Ref: Crawford 401/1

19mm, 3.74g

Grade: VF+ small crack to edge, slight flan flaw to reverse

Prov: Ex Roma, previously Ex Savoca, prior to that a priavte European collection.



£220 (P&P free to UK, other locations please ask) #150

C. Sevillius Vatia, Silver Denarius, 127BC, Two Horseman

Obv: Helmeted head of Roma; behind, lituus; before, denomination mark XVI as monogram (Ӿ); below, ROMA

Reverse:  Battle on horseback between two warriors, the shield of horseman on right inscribed M; C•SERVEIL in exergue. 

18mm, 3.8g

Ref: S140, RRC 264/1

Prov: ex Lockdales sale

Grade: Fine + 


£190 (+P&P, non-UK locations please ask first)


Dei Penates denarius, Silver Denarius, 47 BC, C. Antius C. f. Restio,

The Dei Penates

Obverse: Diademed jugate heads of the Dei Penates right; DEI PENATES behind


Reverse: Naked Hercules advancing right, brandishing club and holding trophy; C ANTIVS (CF)

Grade: Fine, slightly off centre and scrapes.

17-19mm, 3.5g

Reference: S435; CRR 971  


Rarely offered coin in affordable state! Honouring the household gods.


£150 (+P&P, non-UK locations please ask)



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