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The Roman Republic

Little is known of the period before the formation of the Roman Republic and what is known is largely based on myths and legends, but around 509BC the citizens of Rome decided to govern themselves. This overthrow took probably decades and was unlikely to have been bloodless, but until the fall in 27BC with the establishment of the Roman Empire, Rome went on to conquer all of Italy and much of the Mediterranean as well. Coinage as a means of exchange appeared in the early 3rd century and was cast not struck, silver and gold struck coinage appeared about 280BC and the denarius around the end of the 2nd century. 

C. Fundanius 101 BC, Silver Denarius


Obv: helmeted head of Roma right, "B" and dot behind

Rev: Marius in a quadriga, youth on horse, C FVNDAN in ex

19mm, 3.91g

Grade almost EF, toned

                                £110 (P&P FREE to UK)

LUCIUS MARCIUS PHILIPPUS (step-brother of Augustus) 56BC, Silver Denarius, 20mm, 4.03g

Obv: diademed head of King Ancus Marcius right, lituus behind, ANCVS below
Rev: aqaeduct represented as an arcade of five arches surmounted by equestrian statue right, A-Q-V-A- MAR (monogram) within the arches, PHILIPPVS on left. Near EF, toned.

£200 (P&P FREE to UK)

C. Vibius C.f. Pansa, 90BC, Rome, Silver Denarius


Obv: [PANSA]  behind laureate head of Apollo right, symbol below chin

Rev: Minerva in galloping quadriga right, holding scepter & reins, C VIBIUS CF in ex 

16mm, 3.87g Grade considered VF+ 

                                £150 (P&P FREE to UK)

L. Cassius Q.F Longinus, 78BC, SIlver Denarius

Obv: Head of Bacchus wreathed with ivy, right, thrysus over shoulder

Rev: Head of Libera (Prosperina) with ivy, left,  L CASSI QF behind

18mm, 3.67g Grade considered almost VF, bankers mark on portrait, nice tone and clear inscriptions.

£95 (P&P FREE to UK)                                  


(Depicting part rape of the Sabine women myth)

Obv: bearded head of King Tatius r., SABIN behind, palm before

Rev: Tarpeia, facing, buried to her waist in shields, with raised hands trying to thrust off two soldiers who are about to cast their shields at her, L TITVRI in ex, star and   crescent moon above. 18mm, 3.74g. Grade Fine/VF, scraped.                          £85 (P&P FREE to UK)

Q. Philippus, 129BC Silver Denarius


Obv: head of Roma wearing winged helmet, earring and necklace

Rev: Macedonian horseman galloping carrying spear, emblem behind.

19mm, 3.91g, grade VF+ 


£150 (P&P FREE to UK)

Dei Penates denarius, Silver Denarius, 47 BC, C. Antius C. f. Restio, The Dei Penates.


Obverse: Diademed jugate heads of the Dei Penates right; DEI PENATES behind

Reverse: Naked Hercules advancing right, brandishing club and holding trophy; C ANTIVS (CF)

Rarely offered coin in affordable state!

Slightly off centre. 17-19mm, 3.5g

Reference: S435; CRR 971  

This is the reverse of the Dei Penates coin. A must for any serious collector.



M Marcius Mn f Silver Denarius, 134BC (depicting the Modius)



Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma right, modius behind, X below chin

Ref: S 122

3.6g, 17mm, Fine                                      

Reverse: Victory with whip in galloping biga right, M MAR C, ROMA below, divided by two grain ears.






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