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Ancient Greek - Silver

Ancient Greek, Cilicia, Tarsos, Silver Stater, Balakros, 333-323 BCE

Balakros was the satrap of Cilicia under Alexander III (the Great). 

Obverse: Facing bust of Athena, draped, wearing triple-crested helmet and necklace

10.83g, 25mm

Grade: Very Fine, interesting test cut.
Reverse: Baaltars seated left on throne, torso facing, holding lotus-tipped sceptre in right hand, left hand holding chlamys at the waist; grain stalk and bunch of grapes to left, ivy leaf above B to right, monogram beneath throne. 
Prov: Ex a private UK collection, previously Roma Numismatics.
£540 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask first)

Sicily, Kamarina (Camarina) Silver Litra, Nike Over Swan/Athena,

480-400BC - RARE

Obverse: Nike flying left above a swan; all in an olive wreath

Reverse: Athena standing on the left, helmeted, holding a long javelin in her right hand; in front of her, at her feet, a shield

Grade: Typically this coin is slightly off centre and rarely in good state, this is a reasonable example of a rare coin.

13mm, 0.67g



£150 (P&P FREE to UK other locations please ask)

Calabria, Tarentum, Silver Didrachm, Youth On Horseback/Dolphin,

c3rd Century BC

Obverse: Youth seated on horse, walking right, crowning horse; groundline below on which stand two urns

Reverse: Taras seated on dolphin, left, holding kanthros and trident, TARAS below, B to right

Grade: VF+, very scarce variety with urns on groundline, dark toning and well centred, comes with old ticket

19.5mm, 5.67g

Ref: S363var


£400 (P&P FREE to UK other locations please ask first)

Thessaly, Thessalian League, Silver Stater, Zeus/Athena, c2nd to 1stC BC

Obverse: Laureate head of Zeus, right

Reverse: ΘEΣΣA/ΛΩN - ΦΙΛΩΝstar and IΠΠOΛOXOΣ Athena Itonia striding right, hurling spear with her right hand and holding shield on her left arm (magistrates Philon and Hippolochos)

Ref: BDC Thessaly II 869.2

22mm, 5.10g

Grade: VF

£270 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Cilicia, Kelenderis, Silver Stater, Dismounting Rider, 430-420BC

Obverse: Nude youth, holding whip, dismounting from horse rearing to left, Π below horse

Reverse: Goat kneeling to left, KEΛE, branch with ivy leaves and berries above

Ref: SNG von Aulock 5620

10.8g, 21mm 

Grade: VF, nicely toned, ancient test cut (if only they had had XRF in those days!)

Prov: from the Michael Higley Collection


£350 (P&P FREEto UK, other locations please ask)

Caria, Rhodos, Silver Drachm, 88BC-14AD

Obverse: Radiate head of Helios, facing slightly to right


Reverse: Rose seen from above, full face, P-O, winged kerykeion below, EUPHRANOR (magistrate)


Grade: Virtually as struck, with obverse somewhat off-centre, a beautiful example of the rarer rose view.

23mm, 4.17g

References: Sear 5070 var

Rhodos, according to Greek mythology was made for Helios (the sun god) after Zeus forgot him when he was giving out islands. His wife was called Rhodos, which means 'rose' so there was an obvious connection for the coins. The three-quarter facing pose of Helios on the obverse of the coins was a challenge for the engravers. The rose on the reverse is probably a Dog Rose; a fitting tribute to this beautiful yet simple plant as it was enjoyed by the ancient Greeks for its cosmetic and medicinal value.

£330 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Pamphylia, Aspendos, Silver Stater, 370-333BC

Obverse: Naked wreestlers, monogram below

Reverse: EΣTFEΔIIYΣ, slinger standing right, loosing shot, triskeles to right, all within dotted square

Ref: BMC 26, Sear 5396 var

22mm, 10.27g

Grade: AVF



£300 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Thessaly, Skotussa, Silver Drachm, Horse/Grain, 465-460BC - RARE

Obverse: Forepart of horse running left

Reverse: Grain seed in incuse square

18mm, 6.10g

Ref: SNG Cop 250

Grade: VF+ flan crack, very rare

Prov: Ex, Roma, previously Gutekust Collection



£900 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask first)

Sicily, Syracuse, Time of Agathokles Silver Stater, 317-289 BC

Obverse: Head of Athena right, wearing a crested Corinthian helmet 

Reverse: Pegasus flying left, triskele above, wheat stalk below, legend above and below but worn

21mm, 8.03g

Ref: SNG 560

Prov: Ex DNW 

Grade: Fine/AVF, ground or water corrosion, but Pegasus is great 


£250 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Mysia, Pergamon, Silver Tetradrachm c133-67 BC

Obverse: Serpent emerging from cista mystica; all within an ivy wreath

Reverse: Two serpents entwined around bow and bowcase; monogram within wreath and AP above, civic monogram to left, serpent-entwined thyrsos to right

Grade: Nearly extremely fine, obverse off-centre which is often the case with these coins

12.54g, 27 x 2.5mm

Ref: SNG Copenhagen 427, Sear 3947-3950 var





£240 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask first)

Thrace, Istros, AR Obol (or Quarter Drachm or Stater) Two Male Heads/Sea-Eagle & Dolphin, BC400-350 

Obverse: Two male heads facing, side by side, the right inverted

Reverse: IΣTΡIH above sea-eagle, left, on dolphin, AΠ monogram below

10mm, 0.87g

Grade: VF for type

Ref: S1670



£120 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Attica, Athens, Classic Silver Tetradrachm, c449-413BC, Athena/Owl

Obverse: Head of Athena, right, wearing creasted Attic helmet (visible) older version oval eyes 

Reverse: Owl standing, right, olive sprig and crescent behind with AOE all in an incuse square.

24mm, 17.06g

Grade: VF for type, contemporary graffiti to right of field possibly a Greek letter?   

Prov: Ex British private collection

Ref: S2526

£900   (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask first)

Macedonia as a Roman Province. A Greatly Historical Coin Exhibiting Two Languages. Aesillas as Quaestor, Silver Tetradrachm, 95-70BC

Obv: Head of Alexander the Great, right, with horn of Ammon and flowing hair, MAKEΔ[ONΩN] beneath, Θ behind

Rev: Money-chest (cista or fiscus), club and chair, AESILLAS and Q  above, within olive-wreath

14.083g, 28mm

Ref: SNG Cop 1330

Grade: VF, slight weakness to lower edge

Note: A remarkable coin produced by the Romans to appeal to the Macedonians. Both Greek and Latin are displayed, and the power of Rome is also demonstrated with the tax collectors name and tools of his trade on the reverse! This coin could be equally shown on the Roman or Alexander pages!



£370  (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Mysia, Pergamon, Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 166-67BC

Obverse: Cista mystica with serpent escaping, garland around

Reverse: Two serpents entwined around bow case, ΠEP monogram to left, serpent entwined staff to right

Grade: VF

28mm, 12.60g

Ref: SNG Paris 1714



£180 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Thessaly, Larissa, AR Drachm, c.350-325BC

Obverse: Head of nymph Larissa facing slightly to left

Reverse: LARIS horse facing right, preparing to lie down, AIO[N] in exergue

Grade: VF, slightly off-centre but otherwise handsomely struck

19mm, 6.12g

Ref: SNG Cop 121



£650 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Phoenicia, Arados, Silver Drachm, ?Yr 86 (41-40BC)

Obverse: Bee with outstretched wings, ? Π to left, ζ to right (= year 86 or 41-40BC)


Note: Before this date, Phoenician years were read right to left, from 86 they were ready left to right.

Reverse: Stag standing right, palm tree in background, ARADION (in Greek) to right

Grade: VF/VF+ a little porous 

18mm, 3.93

Ref: S5989

Prov: Ex Dix Noonan Web (now Noonans)


£400 (P&P FREE to UK other locations ask)

Macedon (Roman Protectorate) Republican Period, First Meris

Silver Tetradrachm, Amphipolis, c167-149BC

Obverse: Diademed and draped bust of Artemis, right, bow and quiver over shoulder

Reverse: Club to right; above monogram, below two monograms; around oak wreath; thunderbolt to left, legend in Greek above and below 

34mm, 16.74g

Ref: SNG Cop 1314-5

Grade: VF, slightly double struck

Prov: Ex Leu Numismatics, Switzerland


£650 (P&P FREE to all locations) #1178 

Parthia, Orodes II, Silver Tetradrachm c57-38BC

Obverse: Orodes' profiled, diademed head, left

Reverse: King enthroned, left, holding Nike, several lines of legend in Greek each side of Orodes

Grade: AVF

Ref: Sellwood 48.1, Shore 212

28mm, 13.25g



£280  (P&P FREE to UK other locations ask)

Parthia, Osroes II, Silver Drachm, Ecbatana Mint c. AD190

Obverse: Bust left with long tapered beard, wearing a tiara with ear flaps and pelleted diadem

Reverse: Central archer enthroned, right, holding bow, beneath monogram, several lines of blundered legend each side of archer consisting of pellets

Grade: VF

Ref: Sellwood 85 var

19mm, 3.38g


£50 (P&P FREE to UK other locations ask)

Parthian Kingdom, Phraates IV, Silver Drachm c38-2BC

Obverse: His diademed head, left, with pointed beard; eagle behind with wreath in beak

Reverse: Central archer enthroned, right, holding bow, beneath monogram, several lines of legend in Greek each side of archer

Grade: VF/F

Ref: S7472

19mm, 3.34g



£55 (P&P FREE to UK other locations ask)



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