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Copper and Bronze (AE) Greek Coins

You will find many types of grade of Greek AE here, many for only a few pounds. Please take time to scroll down the page, as you never know what you might find!

Ionia, Ephesos, Bronze Æ, Bee and Recumbant Stag, c390-320 BC, RARE 



Obverse: Bee with E and Φ either side

Reverse: Stag kneeling(recumbant) l, head r; astragalos above in right field, magistrates name, possibly PANTALEON to left. 

13mm, 2.16g

Grade: VF, this magistrate not seen on this type before. Rare coin. Dark patina with sandy deposits.


£60 SOLD


KINGS of MACEDON, Philip II, 359-336 BC, Æ, Apollo/Horseman



Obverse: head of Apollo hair bound in a taenia

Reverse: ΦIΛIΠΠOY above, youth on horseback leaping right on ground-line, horizontal spearhead beneath horse

18mm, 6.38g

Grade: VF+/AVF




£35 SOLD

Ionia, Ephesos, AE, Artemis & Stags, 48-27BC, Magistrates Demitrios, Kokos and Sopatros


Obverse: draped bust of Artemis, wearing stephane; bow and quiver at shoulder

Reverse: torch between two stags standing head to head. [magistrates names above but weak in this example] ΣΩΠATPOΣ below.

18mm, 4.19g

Ref: SNG Cop 342, Von Aulock 1839

Grade: VF, green patina and sandy deposits

Prov: ex Saint Paul Antiques, previously Bertolami's


£40 (FREE post to UK, other locations please ask first)


Arkanania, Oiniada, 219-211BC, AE20, Zeus/Man-Headed Bull (Achelous)


Obverse: Head of young Heracles (Hercules)

Reverse: Head of man-headed bull Achelous with trident above


Reverse of coin.


21mm, 7.23g



£30 (P&Pfree)

Pegasus (Pegasos) depicted on a Bronze from Mysia, Lampsakos from the 4th-3rd Century BC



Obverse:  ΛAM, laureate female head right, wearing earring


Reverse:  ΨA, forepart of Pegasos right

S 3903, SNG 1220-1

18mm, 6.51g

Green patina with a little roughness, NVF

Prov: ex Saint Paul Antiques



£55 SOLD

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