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Copper and Bronze (AE) Greek Coins

You will find many types of grade of Greek AE here. Often overlooked by collectors, the beautiful art is just as precise as on the silver at usually lower prices. Please take time to scroll down the page, as you never know what you might find! If you are looking for something in particular, do ask!

Thessaly, Perrhaebi, Hera Bronze, 400-344BC

Obverse: Veiled head of Hera facing three-quarters to left, wearing single pendant earring and pearl necklace

Reverse: PERRAI-BO-N legend (the E resembling a Rho) downwards to right and left of Zeus, naked, standing slightly left, holding sceptre and vertical thunderbolt

Grade: VF

19mm, 7.01g

Ref: BCD 557


£80 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Sicily, Syracuse AE 22, Time of Agathokles, 306-289BC

Obverse: Draped bust of Artemis Soteira to right, quiver over shoulder, ΣΩTEIPA downwards to right

Reverse: Winged thunderbolt, AΓAΘOKΛEOΣ above, BAΣIΛEOΣ below

Grade: VF

22mm, 8.24g

Ref: SNG ANS 708

Prov: Roma Numismatics


£95 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Mylasa, Caria, Eupolemus (General of Kassander) Shields and Sword AE, 314BC

Obverse: Three shields, overlapping, each decorated with double crescents

Reverse: Sword in sheath with strap, EYPO LEMOY above and below, PYR monogram below

Grade: VF+, scarce coin

17mm, 3.95g

Ref: S4909 var, SNG von Aulock 2378 var



£80 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Larissa, Thessaly, AE Dichalkon, Larrisa Facing Left/Warrior,

c3rd Century BC

Obverse: Head of the nymph, Larissa, facing slightly to left

Reverse: Warrior, holding spear, on horse rearing right, legend around (off the edge which is often the case) ΛAPIΣΣΩIA, Ξ issuers letter below

Grade: VF for type, nice dark patina, worn to edges

Ref: BMC85/86

18.5mm, 4.33g


£70 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Troas, Alexandria, Pseudo-Autonomous Issue, Tyche/Eagle, 3rd Cent

Obverse: Turreted and draped bust of Tyche, right, CO ALEX TRO (or similar) (vexillum behind, faint)

Reverse: Eagle standing right, on forepart of bull (bucranium), COL AVG TRO

Ref: RPC IX 497 (only three examples) 

Grade: VF cracks to edges

20mm, 6.23g




£70 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Pontos, Amisos, AE, Time of Mithradates VI Eupater, Dionysus, 120-63BC

Obverse: Head of Dionysus right, wearing ivy wreath

Reverse: Thyros leaning against cista mystica and draped with panther skin, monogram to left, AMISOY beneath

21mm, 7.69g

Ref: HGC 7, 243

Grade: VF




£68 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Ionia, Ephesos, AE Bee/Stag, 390-320BC

Obverse: Bee with open wings, E and Φ (faint) either side of head

Reverse: Stag kneeling left, head right, astragalos above, magistrates name to left

14mm, 1.16g

Ref: SNG Cop 247-253

Grade: VF, dark patination




£75 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Asia Minor, Pontos, Amisos, Mithras/Quiver, AE26, 2nd - 1st Century BC, SCARCE





Obverse: Youthful bust of MIthras, right, wearing persian headdress

Reverse: Quiver with strap, AMI - SOY across field

26.4mm, 20.89g

Grade: VF/AVF wonderful portrait, some corrosion to reverse but important features largely unaffected. Scarce coin in any grade.

Ref: S3638


£110 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask first)

Sicily, Kamarina, AE Tetras or Trionkia, Gorgon and Owl, 420-410 BC

Obverse: Facing gorgoneion

Reverse: Owl standing right, head facing, grasping lizard with talons; in exergue three pellets, KAMA

3.81g, 16mm

Ref: HGC 2. 546

Grade: Very fine, superb obverse, reverse slightly off and small crack to flan, lovely dark patina




£95 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Kings of Macedon, Salamis, Alexander III (the Great) Bronze AE, Gorgon/Helmet, 336-323 BC

Obverse: Macedonian shield, facing head of Medusa (gorgoneion) in center, five double crescents and five groups of five pellets alternating around

Reverse: crested Macedonian officer's helmet facing, flanked by B - A (BAΣIΛEΩΣ AΛEΞAN∆POY - King Alexander) and controls below

13mm, 2.01g

Grade: Very fine, good detail for type

Ref: Price 3158  




£65 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)


Ionia, Ephesos, AE, Artemis & Stags, Magistrates Demitrios, Kokos and Sopatros, 48-27BC

Obverse: draped bust of Artemis, wearing stephane; bow and quiver at shoulder

Reverse: torch between two stags standing head to head. [magistrates names above but weak in this example] ΣΩΠATPOΣ below.

18mm, 4.19g

Ref: SNG Cop 342, Von Aulock 1839

Grade: VF, green patina and sandy deposits

Prov: ex Saint Paul Antiques, previously Bertolami's


£40 (FREE post to UK, other locations please ask first)




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