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Ancient Greek, Attica, Aegina, Tortoise Obol, 350-338 BC, SCARCE

Obverse: Tortoise, A in right field (counterstruck on back)

Reverse: Quinquepartie incuse square, Φ in one division

Size: 10mm, 0.89g

Grade: F; Strike: 4/5; Surface: 4/5 (graded as VF by Naumann)

Ref: SNG Copenhagen 518, Sear 2608 var

NGC number:6945695-003

£460 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Ancient Greek, Attica, Aegina, Tortoise Stater, 457-350 BC, SCARCE

Obverse: Tortoise with segmented shell

Reverse: Quinquepartie incuse square

Size: 18mm, 12.30g

Grade: F; strike: 5/5; surface: 3/5 (Graded as VF/Scarce by DNW)

Ref: SNG Copenhagen 516

NGC number: 6945695-004

£700 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Ancient Greek, Elis, Olympia, AR Hemidrachm, Produced Specifically for the Original Olympics, after c360 BC, EXTREMELY SCARCE

Obverse: Laureate head of Zeus facing right

Reverse: Eagle standing right on iconic column capital between the letters F A

Size: 15mm,  2.68g

Grade: NGC Ch VF, strike 5/5, surface 3/5   

Ref: S2895 var, cf Saltman 177, 334

NGC number: 6944875-002

Note: These coins were only available during the ancient Olympiads, occuring every 4 years, and was the only currency accepted during the games. This coin would have been issued at around the time of the 107th/108th Olympiad and would have prossibly been kept as a souveniers. 

£400  (P&P FREE to all locations)



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