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James I, Charles I and Commonwealth

James I, Sixpence, 1608, Coronet Mint Mark


Second coinage, fourth bust, slight buckling, despite this a nice coin.

Reverse a little weak, but almost full flan.



25mm, 2.99g




£95 (P&P free)

James I, Sixpence, 1604, Lis Mint Mark




Obverse: Soft but discernible portrait, 3rd bust 

Reverse: Flat topped shield of arms, date above, legend around

Grade: Fine/almost VF, slightly clipped. Reverse better.


25mm, 2.89g



£85  SOLD

Charles I, Silver Shilling, Tower Mint Under Parliament, Sun mm, 1645-6



Obverse: crowned bust left, with 'Briot's' bust type 4.4 with stellate collar, double arched crown, denomination mark behind

Reverse: square-topped shield over cross Moline, sun mm

Ref: S2800
30.5mm, 5.38g
Grade: Fine, somewhat clipped and light scatching
Might make a great present!
£67 SOLD

Charles I Shilling, 5th 'Aberystwyth' Bust, Tun Mint Mark, 1636-8


Tower mint under the king. S2794. Some old scrathes and a small gouge to the obverse, maybe an original 'hate crime'!

Rev: Square topped shield with cross moline.

Grade:AVF, some clipping.

30mm, 5.95g





£99 SOLD

Charles I, Silver Shilling, Tower Mint, Plume Mint Mark, Group C, type 2A, 1630-31


Obv: Crowned bust left (bust 2) legend error reads, MA FR FR and mixed stops 

Rev: Oval garnished shield with CR above, unusual 5 stop clusters in legend 

5.86g, 31mm

Grade: Fine, almost full flan, with legend error

Ref: S2787, N2221

Pro: ex DNW


£220 SOLD


Charles I, Silver Shilling, Tower Mint, Harp Mint Mark, Group D, type 3.1, 1632-33




Obv: Crowned bust left (bust 4) denomination behind

Rev: Oval garnished shield with CR either side 

5.66g, 31mm

Grade: AVF/F, nice portrait

Ref: S2789





£160 SOLD


Charles I, Silver Shilling, Tower Mint, Crown Mint Mark, Group C, type 3b, 1635-6, RARE




Obv: Crowned bust left (bust 2) denomination behind, mixed stops

Rev: Oval garnished shield with plume over, pellet stops 

5.95g, 31mm

Grade: VF, rare, plus two old tickets

Ref: S2788

Prov: ex DNW




£240 (+P&P)


Charles I, Halfcrown, Group III, 3rd Horseman, Type 3a3, Under Parliament, Sun Mint Mark, 1645-6


Obv: Charles on horseback, no caparisons on horse, king wears a cloak that flies from shoulder, legend around 




Rev: oval garnished shield, legend around

35mm, 14.51g

Ref: S2778

Grade: fine, some clipping to edges, originally well centred




£120 (+P&P)


Commonwealth, 1649-60, Silver Half Groat


After the death of Charles I, the coat of arms was relaced by the St. Georges Cross and the Irish Harp.


The denomination was indicated by the 'II' above.



17mm, 0.82g



£70 (P&P Free)

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