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Later Milled Coinage

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Queen Anne, Silver Shilling, 1707, After the Union with Scotland


Obv: Third draped bust, left. 

Rev: four shields crowned, garter star in centre, plumes in angles


Ref: S3611

Grade: Fine +, reeded edge. pierced

25mm, 5.83g



 £95 (+Free delivery to UK)


Queen Anne, Silver Shilling, 1711, After the Union with Scotland


Obv: Fourth draped bust, left. 

Rev: four shields crowned, garter star in centre, plain angles


Ref: S3618

Grade: Fine, reeded edge

25mm, 5.87g



 £45 SOLD


Queen Anne, Silver Crown, 1707, SEXTO, After the Union with Scotland


Obv: Second draped bust, left. E for Edinburgh mint below. First year of the union.

Rev: four shilds crowned, garter star in centre

Edge: SEXTO (regnal year)

Ref: S5707 (C of S & I) S3600

Grade: Fine, with fascinating graffiti on both sides dated 1803, good edge.

38mm, 29.8g



£200 (+delivery charge)


George III, 1797, 'Cartwheel' Twopence



Obverse: laureate bust of George, right, legend around


An alternative version is on the gifts page.

Reverse: Britannia seated above waves, date below, legend around.


One of our heaviest and largest coins at 55g and 40mm x 5mm!


£30 (P&P FREE to UK)

Victoria, Silver Maundy 1 Penny, 1885, Young Head


The previous coin was one of the largest, this is one is one of the smallest! At only 11mm across it was given out to the poor on Maundy Thursday as a set of four coins. The denominations were 1d, 2d, 3d and 4d. They were not for general circulation.

The reverse had a crowned 1 with the date either side. The queen's head on the obverse depicts her as a young women, only changing the image for her Jubilee in 1887/1888.


A full set of Maundy coins is also available for sale in the gift section.


£25 (P&P FREE to UK)

William III Sixpence 1696, Early Harp with Large Crown, Milled Edge


After the death of his wife, Mary, William of Orange continued his reign until his death in 1702. 1696 saw the beginnings of a great re-coinage and was the year of the founding of the Bank of England!

Obv: first bust, right

Rev: crowned cruciform shields, large crowns with early harp. Milled edge.

AVF, scratches to obverse

20mm, 2.92g



£45  SOLD

George II Sixpence 1757, S3711


Obv: old laureate and draped bust, left

Rev: cruciform of shields, crowned, but with plain angles


20mm, 2.93g Silver, AVF/VF



£40 SOLD

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