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William & Mary, 1689, Silver Maundy Money, Full Set, RARELY SEEN TOGETHER PLUS ERROR 1d!! With error 1d. Various Grades Full set of 1689 4,3,2,& 1d coins. £600 (Click picture) Please ask for further information.

George II 1758 Shilling AEF/EF


Old laureate and draped bust, left


Attractively toned


Reverse: Plain angles

Extremely fine, superb.


25mm, 6g



George V Half-Sovereign 1911


A few minor contact marks, but otherwise considered almost very fine.

Reverse with George and the Dragon and date, 1911, below.


3.99g, 19mm.


£135 plus P&P

Spanish, Charles IV 1788-1808, 2 Escudos,1804, Gold

This coin, known as a doubloon, was produced at the Madrid mint. 22mm, 6.77g. Great investment coin.



Britain, Retro Pattern Proof Crown, Nickel Silver, William IV (IIII) Medallion Coin 

This is from a collectible series and was not for circulation, made by INA Ltd of Birmingham and stuck in 2008 for the 'Patina Collection of Retrospective Patterns.' 

This high-quality medallion coin is in proof, mint condition but with a few fingerprints. 
These once controversial pattern coins have become highly collectible, and with only 2,000 issued, their high quality has made them part of history themselves.  
Bust of William IV right; on the reverse, are the crowned draped arms, dated 1836.
25g, 38.7mm
Ref: X#M127e in Unusual World Coins                      £45


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Charles II, Set of Maundy 1d, 2d, 3d &4d Dated 1677, Fine to Very Fine, Scarce. Ends 13.8.18 22:27BST

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