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Later Milled Coinage

This page is dedicated to the reigns of George I onwards. Click on the picture for an enlarged version.  

Victoria, Silver Sixpence, Jubilee Bust, 1890, Excellent Example

Obverse: Jubilee bust with small crown, left, legend around, milled edge


Reverse: crowned value in wreath, date below

Grade: AUNC, few small encrustations and marks, a very pleasing example

19mm, 2.84g

Ref: S3929



£85 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask) 

Victoria, Silver Shilling, Old Bust, 1899

Obverse: Old veiled bust, left, legend around, milled edge


Reverse: crowned shield in garter, second version with larger rose

Grade: VF, few encrustations and stains

23.5mm, 5.68g

Ref: S3940A




£70 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask) 

William III Silver Shilling, EXETER Provincial Mint, 1696, SCARCE






Obverse: First bust of William, right, legend around, E for Exeter below bust

Reverse: Crowned cruciform coat of arms, date, legend around

Grade: Fine with weak area

25mm, 5.74g

Ref: S 3500

Prov: Ex Lockdale's


£120 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask first)

George III Gold Spade or Ace Guinea, 1793, Royal Mint Box & COA

Obverse: Laureate head of king, right, legend around


Reverse: Crowned shield of arms surrounded by legend

Grade: VF/VF+, comes in Royal Mint display box with COA 

24mm, 8.35g

Prov: Ex Lockdales sale

Click on the image for enlarged details





£1,260 (P&P FREE to all locations) due to this items value a courier may be used and additional customs charges may apply for non-UK locations.



Additional images are available on request.

George I, Second Issue Farthing 1719, Small Lettering



Obverse: Laureate head of king, right, GEORGIVS REX.




Reverse: Britannia seated, date in exergue, BRITANNIA.


Grade: EF lovely brown, a little weak for strike on Britannia, a rare coin in any state

Ref: S3662

22mm, 4.91g

Prov: HC certificate will be supplied , ex Lockdales sale


£500 (+ P&P to UK, other locations please ask before purchase)

George I, Silver Shilling, 1720, Error B of BRVN on Reverse Restruck Over W(?), RARE



Obverse: Laureate head of king (first bust), right, legend around

Reverse: Crown topped shields with star of the garter in the centre, angles plain; date above, legend around

Grade: VF, with wear to hightpoints. Error correction to BRVN on reverse, B over possibly W; slightly thin flan has resulted in weak strike in two places. A rare and unusual coin!

Ref: S 3646

26mm, 5.96g

Prov: Ex Hanson's


£220 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask) #94c

Queen Anne, Silver Shilling, 1707, After the Union with Scotland


Obv: Third draped bust, left. 

Rev: four shields crowned, garter star in centre, plumes in angles


Ref: S3611

Grade: Fine +, reeded edge. pierced

25mm, 5.83g



 £95 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask)


Queen Anne, Silver Crown, 1707, SEXTO, After the Union with Scotland


Obv: Second draped bust, left. E for Edinburgh mint below. First year of the union.

Rev: four shilds crowned, garter star in centre

Edge: SEXTO (regnal year)

Ref: S5707 (C of S & I) S3600

Grade: Fine, with fascinating graffiti on both sides dated 1803, good edge.

38mm, 29.8g



£200 (+P&P to UK, other locations ask please) [Location: Coll)


George III Silver Shilling, 1816

Obverse: laureate head, right, legend around, milled edge


Reverse: crowned shield in garter

Grade: VF+

23.5mm, 5.68g

Ref: S3790



£45 SOLD



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