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Later Milled Coinage

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William III Silver Shilling, EXETER Provincial Mint, 1696, SCARCE






Obverse: First bust of William, right, legend around, E for Exeter below bust

Reverse: Crowned cruciform coat of arms, date, legend around

Grade: Fine with weak area

25mm, 5.74g

Ref: S 3500

Prov: Ex Lockdale's


£120 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask first)

George III Gold Spade Guinea, 1792



Obverse: Laureate head of king, right, legend around


Reverse: Crowned shield of arms surrounded by legend

Grade: Fine, may have been attached to an adornment at some time as there are traces of gold solder at 12 o'clock, however, this does not detract from its beauty

24.5mm, 8.22g

Prov: Ex Sworders sale


£700 (+P&P to UK, other locations ask before buying please)


George IV, Gold Half Sovereign, 1826



Obverse: Bare head of king, left, legend around



Reverse: Crowned shield of arms, surrounded by legend

Grade: VF small nick to bottom edge

Ref: S 3804

19mm, 3.9g

Prov: Ex Sworders sale

As with all our coins, this coin will come with a pictorial certificate of authenticity and money back guarantee.


£500 (+ P&P to UK, other locations ask before buying please)


George I, Second Issue Farthing 1719, Small Lettering



Obverse: Laureate head of king, right, GEORGIVS REX.




Reverse: Britannia seated, date in exergue, BRITANNIA.


Grade: EF lovely brown, a little weak for strike on Britannia, a rare coin in any state

Ref: S3662

22mm, 4.91g

Prov: HC certificate will be supplied , ex Lockdales sale


£500 (+ P&P to UK, other locations please ask before purchase)

George II, Silver Shilling, 1758



Obverse: Profile old bust, legend GEORGIVS II DEI GRATIA

Reverse: Cruciform arms, legend around, date above

Ref: S3704

6.02g, 25mm

Grade: VF+, toned nicely on obverse, slightly mottled on reverse

Prov: Ex TimeLine


£85 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

William & Mary, Halfcrown, 1689, PRIMO on Edge



Obverse: Two heads of William and Mary, first bust type

Reverse: Crowned shield of arms, crown with caul and interior frosted, with pearl edge; edge inscribed

Grade: VF/AVF wear to highpoint and on reverse

Ref: S3434

33mm, 14.7g



£200 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

George I, Silver Shilling, 1720, Error B of BRVN on Reverse Restruck Over W(?), RARE



Obverse: Laureate head of king (first bust), right, legend around

Reverse: Crown topped shields with star of the garter in the centre, angles plain; date above, legend around

Grade: VF, with wear to hightpoints. Error correction to BRVN on reverse, B over possibly W; slightly thin flan has resulted in weak strike in two places. A rare and unusual coin!

Ref: S 3646

26mm, 5.96g

Prov: Ex Hanson's


£220 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask) #94c

George II, SIlver Halfcrown, 1746 D. NONO, LIMA


Obverse: Old laureate bust, left, legend around, LIMA beneath, GEORGIVS instead of GEORGIUS


Fourth bust type, regnal date around edge

Reverse: Crowned cruciform shields, legend around and date

Grade: Fine +

Prov: Ex Lockdales





£170 SOLD

George III Eighteen Pence Silver Bank Token, 1811 in Near Extra Fine Grade




Obverse: Laureate bust of king, right, legend around

Reverse: Bank Token in two lines below 1s 6d (=18 pence) surrounded by wreath and toothed edge

Grade: NEF toned

7.4g, 26.5mm


Due to a shortage gold and silver paying for the Napoleonic Wars and a further shortage of coins due to a run on the banks, the Bank of England produced these coins to fill the void. After the war in 1816 there was a subsequent large re-issue of new coinage.


£120  SOLD


Queen Anne, Silver Shilling, 1707, After the Union with Scotland


Obv: Third draped bust, left. 

Rev: four shields crowned, garter star in centre, plumes in angles


Ref: S3611

Grade: Fine +, reeded edge. pierced

25mm, 5.83g



 £95 (+Free delivery to UK)


Queen Anne, Silver Shilling, 1708E, After the Union with Scotland, Edinburgh Mint



Obv: Third draped bust, left; E below bust. 


Rev: four shields crowned, garter star in centre, plain angles

Ref: S3612

Grade: Fine+, reeded edge (slight chip to edge at 4 o'clock)

Scarce mint

25mm, 5.96g


 £180 (+P&P)


Queen Anne, Silver Crown, 1707, SEXTO, After the Union with Scotland


Obv: Second draped bust, left. E for Edinburgh mint below. First year of the union.

Rev: four shilds crowned, garter star in centre

Edge: SEXTO (regnal year)

Ref: S5707 (C of S & I) S3600

Grade: Fine, with fascinating graffiti on both sides dated 1803, good edge.

38mm, 29.8g



£200 (+delivery charge)


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