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The period between the outbreak of civil war between Caesar and Pompey at the beginning of the 49BC and Octavian becoming Augustus in 27BC, contains the 'Imperatorial' coinage.This was a transitional stage of coinage running alongside that produced by Rome and as yet only had the names of those in power and not their portraits. Julius Caesar was the first to make this innovative step, unfortunately he was assassinated only three months later, but the idea stuck and later issues all had the ruler's portraits on them and the Imperial coinage evolved. The Imperatorial coins of Pompey, Caesar, Octavian and Anthony etc will be added to this area for convenience, when available.

The Imperial Coinage of Rome covers over 500 years, from the establishment of Octavian (Augustus) to transformation and rise of Constantinople to Byzantinian coinage with Anastasius I. Those coins produced at provincial mints are separated, as are the Byzantine coins.

Julia Domna, Denarius, 211-217AD,

Struck under Caracalla, Diana with Torch



Obv: IVLIA PIA FELIX AVG, draped bust right



Reverse: DIANA LVCIFERA, Diana standing left holding long torch with both hands.


Reverse a little weak but the portrait is good.




£65 (P&P free to UK)

Divus Lucius Verus (issued by Marcus Aurelius in his honour) Rome 169AD, Denarius


Obv: bare headed bust of Lucius Verus, DIVVS VERUS


A rare example as only two denominations were produced.

Rev: CONSECRATIO, eagle standing right, head left, wings open


Ref: S5204

3.17, 20mm

VF but a little ragged to edge


£60 (+P&P)

Faustina Junior (Under Marcus Aurelius) Denarius, Rome, 161-175AD, Hilaritas


Obv: draped bust, right

Rev: Hilaritas standing left holding long palm and cornucopiae.



3.28g, 18mm


£45 (+P&P)   SOLD

Vespasian Denarius (Regular Series) Rome 72AD, Victory with Standard


Obv: laureate bust of Vespasian, right, IMP CAES VESP AVG P M COS III

Rev: Victory advancing right, placing wreath on standard and holding palm


Ref: S2317

2.8g, 18mm


£120 (+P&P)

Diva Faustina Senior, Silver Denarius, Rome After 147AD, Peacock on Sceptre


Obv: Draped bust of Faustina Senior, right; DIVA FAUSTINA


Ref: RSC 32

Rev: Peacock standing r., head l., on sceptre with knobs on both ends.


EF/AEF, Good silver and toned

2.9g, 17mm


£120 (+P&P)


Divus Antoninus Pius, 161AD, Crematorium, Denarius


Head of deified Antoninus


Ref: RIC 436, Cohen 164




3.12g, 18mm


£65  (+P&P)


Septimus Severus Silver Denarius, 194AD
Obverse: L SEPT SEV PE-RT AVG IMP III, laureate head right

Reverse: VIRT AVG TR P II COS II P P, Virtus helmeted, standing left, holding Victory and reversed spear. 
Ref:RIC IV 39
17mm, 2.97g, aVF



Septimus Severus Silver Denarius, 197-8AD
Obverse: L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP X, laureate head right

Reverse: MARTI PACIFERO, Mars standing left, right foot on top of helmet and holding a branch and reversed spear.
Ref: S6311
2.83g, 17mm, aVF/F


Was £80 now £70

Augustus and Agrippa, Gaul, Nemausus, AE As


Obverse: Back to back heads of Augustus and Agrippa

Reverse: Crocodile chained to palm.

Near VF pitting, but lovely reverse.

25mm, 12.59g


£110  SOLD

Augustus Bronze Dupondius, Minted After Death by Tiberius, A RARE Example


Obverse: DIVVS AVGVSTVS PATER ratiate bust left

Reverse: large SC within wreath

14.34g, 28mm

Grade: Very fine, slight pitting to ob. RARE coin.


£160 SOLD

Claudius (41-54AD) AE As, Rome Mint


Obverse: Bear head of Claudius, left


28mm, 11.05g

Reverse: Minerva, wearing aegis, advancing right, brandishing spear with right hand and holding shield with left.


Grade: VF, brown patina

£95 (+P&P) SOLD

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