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Tudor - Elizabeth I

This page is dedicated to the coins of Elizabeth I. Please click on the pictures to enlarge it.

Elizabeth I Milled Silver Sixpence, 1562, Star Mint Mark


S2596 broad bust and decorated dress.

26mm, 3g

The first attempt at milled coinage was during the Tudor period, a numismatic milestone.




Elizabeth I, Silver Shilling, Escallop, 1584-6


Although this has a weak strike or portrait is worn, the legend is unusual as it reads ELIZB instead of ELIZAB! 

The reverse is better. Overall, a well centred and nicely shaped coin.

31mm, 5.6g



Elizabeth I, Shilling, Escallop, 1584-6


Here the legend is the usual ELIZAB. Scratches to obverse, nice reverse.

Good reverse and well-centred coin.


31mm, 5.53g



Elizabeth I, Shilling, Martlet, 1560-61


Here we have the normal legend of ELIZABETH and second issue, martlet mint mark. Rather scratched (? contemporary vandalism) but still a lovely coin.



31mm, 6g




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