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Tudor - Elizabeth I

This page is dedicated to the coins of Elizabeth I. Please click on the pictures to enlarge it.

Elizabeth I, Milled Sixpence, 1562, Star Mint Mark


Obv: Tall narrow bust with plain dress, facing left, large rose to right,  ELIZABETH D G ANG FRA ET HI REGINA

Rev: POSVI DEV ADIVTOREM MEVM, long cross over coat of arms, date above.


This stunning piece is one of the first examples of the milled process rather than hammered coinage, but was not introduced continually until Charles II took the throne. 

26mm, 2.94g

Grade VF+

£220 (+P&P)

Elizabeth I, Silver Sixpence, 1561, Small 1F Bust, Pheon Mint Mark


Obv: ELIZABETH D G ANG FRA ET HI REGINA,Pheon mint mark, small 1F bust , rose behind

Rev: POSVI DEV ADIVTOREM MEV, long cross over coat of arms, date above.


Third and Fourth issue coin.

Grade VF with lovely portrait, date a little weak

26mm, 2.61g


£160 (+P&P)

Elizabeth I, Silver Shilling, 1584-86, Escallop Mint Mark


Obv: ELIZB D G ANG FRA ET BIB REGI, crowned bust left, escallop mint mark


Note: the normal legend for this coin should read ELIZAB, this is an unusual die varient.


Rev: POSVI DEV ADIVTOREM MEV, long cross over coat of arms.


This is a sixth issue coin, brought back to silver fineness by Elizabeth.


S2577, grade 'good fine'

31mm, 5.75g


£190 (+P&P)

Elizabeth I Silver Threepence with Rose and Date


Possible englatine mint mark and date vague but looks like 1575. Portrait faint but discernible.

19mm, 1.22g



  £30 SOLD

Elizabeth I Milled Silver Sixpence, 1562, Star Mint Mark


S2596 broad bust and decorated dress.

26mm, 3g

The first attempt at milled coinage was during the Tudor period, a numismatic milestone.



£135  SOLD

Elizabeth I, Silver Shilling, Escallop, 1584-6


Although this has a weak strike or portrait is worn, the legend is unusual as it reads ELIZB instead of ELIZAB! 

The reverse is better. Overall, a well centred and nicely shaped coin.

31mm, 5.6g


 £60  SOLD

Elizabeth I, Shilling, Escallop, 1584-6


Here the legend is the usual ELIZAB. Scratches to obverse, nice reverse.

Good reverse and well-centred coin.


31mm, 5.53g


  £65  SOLD

Elizabeth I, Shilling, Martlet, 1560-61


Here we have the normal legend of ELIZABETH and second issue, martlet mint mark. Rather scratched (? contemporary vandalism) but still a lovely coin.



31mm, 6g


  £55  SOLD

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