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Anglo Saxon Secondary Phase Silver Two Birds Sceat, Series J Type 36,


Obverse: profile diademed head with braided hair, long cross before


Reverse:two birds right with a cross before, double beaded border

0.93g, 12mm

Ref: Spink 802d

Grade: VF+, reverse struck slightly off centre but otherwise bold

Prov: Ex TimeLine



£300 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask) #1089

Anglo Saxon Primary Phase Silver Sceat, Series B1, AD 710-760

Obverse: double diademed bust right, double beaded border


Reverse: linear bird on top of cross, flanked by annulets,  with beaded clockwise (?) ouroboros

1.00g, 12mm

Ref: Abramson 16.10, Spink 777, North 126

Grade: VF, dark chocolate patina

Prov: Ex Noonan auction




£290 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask) #981

Cnut, Silver Penny, Quatrefoil Type, Gloucester Mint, Sired, AD 1017-23

Obverse: CNVT REX ANGLOR, crowned bust left, unusual trefoil of pellets before


Reverse: Voided long cross over quatrefoil, legend around, +SIRED ON GLEP 



1.29g, 21mm

Ref: Spink 1157, N781

Grade: Full round flan in VF+, lightly toned with good outer beading, few peck marks, scarce mint

Prov: Ex Spink sale, previously Lloyd Bennett collection, comes with three old tickets


£650 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask) #1121

Aethelred II Silver Voided Long Cross Type Penny, Lincoln Mint, Ubein,


Obverse: Diademed and draped bust left, +AEDELRED REX ANGLO


Reverse: Voided long cross , legend around +VNBEIN MΩ O LINC

1.48g, 20mm

Ref: S1151, N 774

Grade: EF, well centred and struck, some toning

Prov: Ex Roma




£500 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Cnut, Helmet Type Penny, Lincoln Mint, Wulfbeorn, 1016-1035

Obverse: Pointed helmet bust, left, sceptre in front, CNVT REX ΛI


Reverse: Short voided cross with pellet and annulet centre, pellet in an annulet in each quarter, all within a linear circle, +PVLBREN MO LINC

0.98g, 19mm

Grade: AEF, slight weakness to strike at cross area on obverse, otherwise awell centred, bold coin.





£560 (P&P FREE to all locations) #856

Aethelred II Silver penny, First Hand Type, Ipswich, Waltferth Moneyer,

AD979-985, Scarce

Obv: +AEDELRED REX ANGOX , diademed bust, right, without sceptre

Rev: Hand of providence between alpha and omega, issuing from cloud, VALTFERD M-OE IP

20mm, 1.57g. Grade: VF small split, stable


£470 (P&P FREE to UK other locations ask first please)

Cnut, Pointed Helmet Type SIlver Penny, Thetford, Lifinc, AD 1023-1029

Obverse: Cnut facing left wearing pointed helmet with sceptre before, legend +CNUT [R]EX AGLOR


Note: Holed at 4 o'clock position to be worn as an adornment or talisman.

Reverse: Small voided cross, limbs united at base by two circles; in centre a pellet, in each angle a broken annulet enclosing a pellet, legend +LIFINC ON DEODF[OR] (Lifinc moneyer at Thetford)

19mm, 0.88g

Ref: S1158, N787

Grade: VF/F, holed and slight weakness to strike


£340 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask first) #607

Kings of Wessex, Edward the Elder, Two Line Type Silver Penny, Aethered, 899-924, SCARCE

Obverse: Central small cross patee, legen around, +[EAD]VVEARD REX

Reverse: Moneyers name in two lines, AEDER ED MO, separated by a row of three crosses and three pellets top and bottom


Ref: S1087, N649

Prov: Ex Catherine Southon sale

Grade: VF+ edge missing 


£700 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Cnut, Silver Penny, Quatrefoil Type, Norwich Mint, Leofric, AD 1017-23

Obverse: CNVT REXX ANGLO, crowned bust left

Reverse: Voided cross over quatrefoil, legend around, +LEOFRIC M NOR. 

1.1g, 18.6mm

Ref: Spink 1157

Grade: Full round flan in EF, lightly toned, beautiful!



£550 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask) #129

Kings of All England, Eadgar, Three Line Type, Man, Tamworth Mint, 959-975, Struck about 967-973, V RARE

Obverse: Central cross surrounded by legend, EADGAR REX


Reverse: Rare three line type penny MON separated by annulet then T+E (for Tamworth) annulet then MAN, rosettes above and below

Ref: S1132, N 757

Grade: AVF/VF crack around inner circle and centre, stable; comes with old ticket dated 2009

Prov: Ex CNG




£850 (P&P FREE to all locations)

King of All England, Edward the Confessor, Pointed Helmet Penny, Shaftsbury, Wulfric, 1042-1066

Obverse: Edward wearing pointed helmet facing right, sceptre to front, legend around, +EDPAD [R]EX


Reverse: Voided short cross each limb terminating in three crescents, in the centre an annulet, legend around +PV[LF]RIC ON S(S on side)CE

20mm, 1.34g

Ref: N825, S1179

Grade: AVF, areas of weak strike, crack from centre to edge, stable




£500 (P&P FREE to all locations)

King of All England, Aethelred II, Long Cross Type Penny, London, Aethelweard, 978-1016

Obverse: Bare-headed bust, left, legend around, AEDELRED REX ANGL



Reverse: Voided long cross with legend around, AEDELPERD M'O LVND

20mm, 1.43g

Ref: N774, S1151

Grade: VF+, dark patina

Prov: Ex Noonans, previously Royal Berkshire Collection at Bonhams



£460 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Edward the Confessor, Silver Pointed Helmet Type, SIDEMAN at Wareham,

1053-1056, VERY RARE

Obverse: Draped bust right, wearing pointed helmet, lis-tipped sceptre before, +EDPRD RE (or similar)


Reverse: Voided short cross, with voided half quatrefoil terminals, annulet in centrelegend around, +SID[EM]AN ON PERHAI

19.5mm, 1.27g

Ref: N825, S1179

Grade: VF with bold portrait, dirty, VERY RARE, holed

Prov: Ex Elmore-Jones, Glendining coin packet and ticket supplied, dated 1971



£450 SOLD

Kings of Wessex, Alfred the Great, Two Line Type, Silver Penny, Aethelwine, 871-899, SCARCE

Obverse: Cross patee to centre, ELFRED RE+


Phase III penny from Canterbury dies


Reverse: EDELVINE MO in two lines, pellet above and below

20mm, 1.47g

Ref: S1066, N635, SCBI Ash 262-3 same obv die

Grade: Fine +, Scarce, lightly crimped and a few peckmarks

Prov: Ex DNW, previously M Atkin Collection






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