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From single coins, from multi-sets with beginner's book, to the ultimate present of gold, we have a gift for that special person at History Coins.

A Very Special Gift For A Very Special Person

3 Coin Roman, Tudor or Medieval Collections


Each special set will contain 3 coins from your selected era. At either Good or Very Good Grade depending on your pocket. All coins are guaranteed to be genuine and not replicas. The ideal gift for the history enthusiast in the family or to nuture your child's sense of history. All sets come with a certificate of authenticity and full coin information.

Please supply:


          3 Tudor coins at Good Grade for £65

          3 Tudor coins at Very Good Grade for £90

          3 Roman coins at Good Grade for £70

          3 Roman coins at Very Good grade for £100

          3 Medieval coins at Good Grade for £65

          3 Medieval coins at Very Good Grade for £90

          Add the beginner's guide for only £18

          3 Pot Luck Medieval, Roman & Tudor £60

Postage is FREE to the UK and discounted to international locations.

Coins may be a mixture of bronze and or silver and differing denominations. The coins in the photos are for example only.



A lovely gift for a lover of ancient coins. Select between the Greek or Roman variety or go mad and have one of each! Postage will be added at checkout.


These are limited edition and in number, dishwasher safe and ideal for coffee, tea or pencils!


Select your mug type

Anglo-Saxon Enamelled 900-1100AD Disc Brooch


This beautiful enamelled disc brooch, although not unfortunately complete, does allow you to have a wonderful piece of history at an affordable price! The base metal is copper. The item will be supplied in a transparent archival film box for display and comes with a certificate of authenticity.                                             

22mm diam                                          £72 (P&P FREE to UK)  

'History Through Coin' - A Beginners Guide for the Novice Coin Collector


Give a gift of history to a special person.  You will receive the beginners book to collecting coins, 'History Through Coin' written by History Coins', Rona Cox. The book is softbound and contains over 100 pages. Click on the image for further details.  £20 (+P&P)


Gift set with three authentic coins* also available for 


£68 (+P&P)


*(Coins supplied are Roman silver, Greek bronze and one other silver quality item.)                   

6oth Birthday This Year?

Do you have a 60th birthday this year or need a gift for someone who has? Give yourself or them a piece of history to commemorate your/their birth date by giving a coin from 1959. Choose from either a shiny halfpenny or a three pence (thrupenny bit) from the pre-decimal period in British numismatic history. For only £6 have your coin delivered for free to anywhere in the UK (international purchases will need to pay an additional charge for postage). This is a rarer date so there are few of them around, so stocks are limited. 

Please send me 1 1959 halfpenny at £6 (P&P FREE to UK)

Please send me 1 1959 threepence (3d) at £6 (P&P FREE to UK)


Real Silver Sixpences for your Christmas Pudding or Bride's Shoe


Why have a tradition that becomes diluted by not having real silver! One silver sixpence, any date illustrated= £6. Sixpences were no longer made of silver from 1947, so don't be duped.

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