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The Great Debasement of Coinage, Henry VIII Groat, Third Coinage


Obverse: three-quarter facing, crowned bust with legend around, probably lis mint mark

Reverse: Flat-topped shield of arms, no date, legend around

Grade: Fine, edge clipped, some corrosion and wear to high points, portrait visible, good example of a debased Tudor coin with visible portrait - some are much worse!

24mm, 1.65g

Prov: Ex Hanson's


£160 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Late Bronze Age into Viking Era Miniature Axehead Pendant, Socketed Type, Looped, c1st to 2nd Century 

A miniature axehead that was worn either as a talisman or used as a votive offering to the gods. The suspension loop allows it to still be worn, so would make a great gift. Can be supplied with either a leather thong type necklace or with a small display film suspension box (please message choice on purchase.)  Copper alloy with patina.

22mm x 9mm. 2 available.   

£70 (P&P FREE) 

Pendant with necklace - click here (use these links with mobiles)

Pendant with display box - click here          

Select accessory

Roman Imperial, Emperor Hadrian Silver Denarius, Pudicitia Seated,c126

Obverse: laureate head right, HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS 

Reverse: COS III, Pudicitia veiled seated left

Ref: RIC 856 (RIC 343)

Grade: AVF Good portrait, ragged flan edge splits, nice reverse 

19mm, 3.09g


Presentation box available, please ask first

£75 (P&P FREE to UK other location please ask)

Ancient Greek, Bronze Thracian Dolphin Proto-money from Olbia,


Your chance to own one of the first forms of coinage. With rare OY, possibly denoting value and eye to obverse. 30mm, 1.84g. Very Fine grade. 




£90 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask)

Elizabeth I, Silver Shilling, 'A' Mint Mark, Pierced, Sixth Issue, 1582-4

Obverse: Crowned head of Elizabeth, left. ELIZAB the non-standard legend, normally ELIZABETH, A mint mark


Reverse: Large cross over flat-topped shield of arms, 'A' mint mark, legend around

Grade: Portrait a little weak and pierced, may have been used as an adornment or item of dedication. Slight graffitti on obverse.

31mm, 5.78g

Would make a fantastic present for a history enthusiast as the rarer shilling often sells for hundreds of pound!



£75 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Roman Crossbow Fibula (Brooch) Hinged Pin Complete. A Fantastic Present!

From the 2nd century AD Roman Britain. There are four fantastic fibulae in stock, you will be sent one at random. They are all from the collection of the famous Chris Rudd, Celtic specialist. Add a coin or the book, see below.  Av 55mm x 40mm.   


 £42 each (+P&P, non-UK locations please ask first)

Roman, Crossbow, Military Fibula (Brooch) Hinged Pin, 4th Century AD

From the 4th century AD Roman Britain. This medium sized, bronze fibula with its onion-shaped knops, was popular with the Roman soldier as a rugged and sturdy brooch for military  cloaks. Articulating pin, but very end missing.

 77mm x 40mm x 32h. 



£65 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask first)

Medieval Handshake Ring, 15th-16th Century, Wearable

This late medieval ring was used to indicate friendship. It was found, and from, a Dutch collection. As it is wearable, it would make a lovely gift. Interior band diameter 17mm. Suppied in a box.




£80 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Neolithic North African Knapped Flint Arrowheads, 3rd-2nd Century BC

A set of five authentic stone age arrowheads (otherwise known as points) from the Neolithic Saharan regions. Great for a historical gift or study. The points shown are typical and numerous sets are available.     



£10 (P&P FREE)




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