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There are 24 days of offers on the Countdown to Christmas page, many make perfect gifts! Further items you may consider to be gifts are on the Antiquities and VIKINGS pages.

Roman, Emperor Claudius, Bronze As, Minerva Reverse, Rome Mint,

AD 50-54


Obverse: bare headed bust, left, TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG PM TR P IMP P P


Ref: RIC 16, S1862

27.5mm, 10.19g


Reverse: Minerva advancing right, holding shield and brandishing a javelin, S-C across field


An inexpensive way to give a wonderful piece of history!

An alternative higher grade example is on the 'Imperial Page.'

£55 (P&P FREE to UK, otherlocations ask)

Delightful Roman Silver Trumpet Whorl Plate Brooch (Not Wearable)

A delightful 2nd century silver openwork plate brooch with La Tene motifs of trumpets and curls. Pin (corroded as made from iron) present as is catchplate. Not wearable. 46mm, 8.99g 

Prov: Ex TimeLIne Auctions, previously a UK private collection. A superb present!


£160 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

'History Through Coin' - A Beginner's Guide for the Novice Coin Collector

Give a gift of history to a special person.  You will receive the beginners book to collecting coins, 'History Through Coin' written by History Coins', Rona Cox. The book is softbound and contains over 90 pages. Click on the image for further details.  


 £20 (+P&P) or add a lucky dip Greek, Roman or other bronze coin for only £50 (+P&P).


A fantastic present for the beginner!


[Prices are for UK only, other locations should ask about postage before purchase]. Coins in the image are for illustration purposes only, not what you will recieve.

Alexander the Great, Macedon, 336-323BC


This is a great piece of history, a coin issued by Alexander III during his short life. Bronze AE17 EF.

Obv: Male head right, wearing taenia

Rev: Horse galloping right,  AΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ above, monogram below horse

£70 SOLD                           

Alexander the Great, Macedon, 325-310BC


A real piece of history, a coin issued by Alexander III towards the end of his short life. Bronze AE17.

Obv: Head of Herakles facing right, wearing a lion’s skin headdress

Rev: B A , quiver and bow above, club below, branch left in exergue

£65 SOLD                                    

Ancient Greek, Bronze Thracian Dolphin Proto-money from Olbia, 500BC


Your chance to own one of the first forms of coinage.

30mm. Fine grade. 


£30 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Elizabeth I, Silver Shilling, 'A' Mint Mark, Pierced, Sixth Issue, 1582-4



Obverse: Crowned head of Elizabeth, left. ELIZAB the non-standard legend, normally ELIZABETH, A mint mark

Reverse: Large cross over flat-topped shield of arms, 'A' mint mark, legend around

Grade: Portrait a little weak and ierced, may have been used as an adornment or item of dedication. Slight graffitti on obverse. 31mm, 5.78g

Would make a fantastic present for a history enthusiast for the rarer shilling, often selling for hundreds of pound!


£75 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Elizabeth I, Silver Threepence as an Adornment, 1573

Crowned bust left with rose behind head/ Shield of arms, date above. Attachment loop to top as a lucky charm or to show allegiance. Wearable as a necklace.                     £55 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask)

Roman Knee Fibula (Brooch) Sprung Hinged Pin Complete. A Fantastic Present!


From the 2nd century AD Roman Britain. There are three fantastic fibulae in stock, you will be sent one at random. They are all from the collection of the famous Chris Rudd, Celtic specialist. Add a coin or the book, see below.  Av 30mm x 20mm.  (1 left in stock)       

 £27 each (+P&P, non-UK locations please ask first)

Roman Crossbow Fibula (Brooch) Hinged Pin Complete. A Fantastic Present!


From the 2nd century AD Roman Britain. There are four fantastic fibulae in stock, you will be sent one at random. They are all from the collection of the famous Chris Rudd, Celtic specialist. Add a coin or the book, see below.  Av 55mm x 40mm.         

 £42 each (+P&P, non-UK locations please ask first)

Beginner's Coin Collecting Set


10x plastic coin wallets, x10 plastic slip lock small bags, x9 of three sizes card folders (non-adhesive type), plus archival ink pen with 0.2 fine tip, x10 coin tickets and 20x 21mm magnifying glass.

                         £20 (P&P free to UK)


Add the book and/or coins too for a very special present! See below. Additional postage will then apply. 

Roman, Crossbow, Military Fibula (Brooch) Hinged Pin, 4th Century AD


From the 4th century AD Roman Britain. This medium sized, bronze fibula with its onion-shaped knops, was popular with the Roman soldier as a rugged and sturdy brooch for military  cloaks. Articulating pin, but very end missing.

 77mm x 40mm x 32h.         

£65 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask first)

Medieval Handshake Ring, 15th-16th Century, Wearable


This late medieval ring was used to indicate friendship. It was found, and from, a Dutch collection. As it is wearable, it would make a lovely gift. Interior band diameter 17mm. Suppied in a box.

             £80 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Neolithic North African Knapped Flint Arrowheads, 3rd-2nd Century BC


A set of five arrowheads (otherwise known as points) from the Neolithic Saharan regions. Great for a historical gift or study. The points shown are typical and numerous sets are available.                     £10 (P&P FREE)

Victorian Maundy Set in Original Box, 1898


Complete set of 4d, 3d , 2d and 1d pieces of Maundy money given by the monach to the needy on Maundy Thursday. Uncirculated coinage in mint condition. The box is in good condition although shows signs of wear commensurate with age.


Sets of coins are relatively common when brought together for sale, but original boxed examples are rarely seen.

The obverse side depicts Victoria's older bust and the reverse signifies the denomination and date.


A gift that will be treasured and can even become an heirloom. Four silver maundy coins in a red letherette, blue velvet-lined box with History Coins' certificate of authenticity.


£198 (P&P FREE to UK) 

A Very Special Gift For A Very Special Person, Set of 3 Roman, Tudor or Medieval Coins



Each special set will contain 3 coins from your selected era. At either Good or Very Good Grade depending on your pocket. All coins are guaranteed to be genuine and not replicas. The ideal gift for the history enthusiast in the family or to nuture your child's sense of history. All sets come with a certificate of authenticity and full coin information.

Please supply:


          3 Tudor coins at Good Grade for £65

          3 Tudor coins at Very Good Grade for £90

          3 Roman coins at Good Grade for £70

          3 Roman coins at Very Good grade for £100

          3 Medieval coins at Good Grade for £65

          3 Medieval coins at Very Good Grade for £90

          Add the beginner's guide for only £18

          3 Pot Luck Medieval, Roman & Tudor £60

Postage is FREE to the UK and discounted to international locations.

Coins may be a mixture of bronze and or silver and differing denominations. The coins in the photos are for example only.



A lovely gift for a lover of ancient coins. Select between the Greek or Roman variety. Postage will be added at checkout. These are limited edition, dishwasher safe and ideal for coffee, tea or pencils! 





(Please ensure you only have goods in here that you wish to order, or you will be charged for any additional or double items. This is your personal cart with PP, HC has no control of it. Thank you.)

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