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*Elizabeth I, Silver Threepence as an Adornment, 1573*

Crowned bust left with rose behind head/ Shield of arms, date above. Attachment loop to top as a lucky charm or to show allegiance. Wearable as a necklace.                     £55 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask)

*Roman Imperial, Gordian III Silver Antoninianus, AD 242-244*

Ob: IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG, radiate, cuirassed bust right

Rev: SAECVLI FELICITAS, Gordian standing right, holding a spear diagonally & globe

Ref: RIC 216, Grade: Almost very fine, porous

£65 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask)

Roman Knee Fibula (Brooch) Sprung Hinged Pin Complete. A Fantastic Present!


From the 2nd century AD Roman Britain. There are three fantastic fibulae in stock, you will be sent one at random. They are all from the collection of the famous Chris Rudd, Celtic specialist. Add a coin or the book, see below.  Av 30mm x 20mm.         

 £27 each (+P&P, non-UK locations please ask first)

Roman Crossbow Fibula (Brooch) Hinged Pin Complete. A Fantastic Present!


From the 2nd century AD Roman Britain. There are four fantastic fibulae in stock, you will be sent one at random. They are all from the collection of the famous Chris Rudd, Celtic specialist. Add a coin or the book, see below.  Av 55mm x 40mm.         

 £42 each (+P&P, non-UK locations please ask first)

Beginner's Coin Collecting Set


10x plastic coin wallets, x10 plastic slip lock small bags, x9 of three sizes card folders (non-adhesive type), plus archival ink pen with 0.2 fine tip, x10 coin tickets and 20x 21mm magnifying glass.

                         £20 (P&P free to UK)


Add the book and/or coins too for a very special present! See below. Additional postage will then apply. 

Silver Denarius Issued by the Travelling Mint of Mark Antony, 32-1BC


The perfect present for an adult or child!


Obverse: Praetorian galley travelling right, ANT AVG above; III VIR R P C below

Reverse: LEG V (for legion V* see note below), legionary Eagle between two standards

17mm, 3.26g

Grade: Fine, weak stike to part of flan and slighly off centre (obviously the travelling mint was moving at the time!!)

Ref: S1479


£75 ( P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

* The V (fifth) legion was founded by Julius Caesar in Gaul 52BC and were known as the Larks as they wore larks wings on their helmets. After civil war broke out between Augustus and Mark Antony the legion sided with Antony. They also use the Elephant as their banner symbol instead of the usual bull after their battles in Africa.

Constantine II (316-340), Constantine as Caesar, Copper Follis, VOT V, Siscia Mint, 320AD


Obverse: CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C, laureate head right


Reverse: CAESARVM NOSTRORVM around VOT-V within wreath. Mintmark ASIS star.

18.5mm, 3.43g, Extremely Fine Grade.

Ref: RIC VII Siscia 163; Sear 17175


Constantine II as the son of Constantine the Great, he was made Caesar at the age of seven and commander of Gaul at the age of ten! He became Emperor in 337. He died at the age of 24.


£55  SOLD       #113

Medieval Handshake Ring, 15th-16th Century, Wearable


This late medieval ring was used to indicate friendship. It was found, and from, a Dutch collection. As it is wearable, it would make a lovely gift. Interior band diameter 17mm. Suppied in a box.

             £80 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Neolithic North African Knapped Flint Arrowheads, 3rd-2nd Century BC


A set of five arrowheads (otherwise known as points) from the Neolithic Saharan regions. Great for a historical gift or study. The points shown are typical and numerous sets are available.                     £10 (P&P FREE)

*George III, 1797, 'Cartwheel' Twopence*


Obverse: laureate bust of George, right, legend around


One of Britain's largest and heaviest coins. A great historical present, comes in a small gift box and a pictorial certificate of authenticity.


With the bust of George III on the front and Britannia on the reverse, this Georgian coin is very British!


55g and 40mm x 5mm



£50  SOLD

'History Through Coin' - A Beginners Guide for the Novice Coin Collector


Give a gift of history to a special person.  You will receive the beginners book to collecting coins, 'History Through Coin' written by History Coins', Rona Cox. The book is softbound and contains over 90 pages. Click on the image for further details.  £20 (+P&P)


Gift set with three additional authentic coins* for £75 (+£3 P&P); add the 'Coin Collecting Set' too for £93 (+ £7 courier fee)  

See below for specific era sets from £65, these do not include the book but this can be added for £18. 

*(Coins supplied are Roman silver, Greek bronze and one other silver quality item.)                   

Victorian Maundy Set in Original Box, 1898


Complete set of 4d, 3d , 2d and 1d pieces of Maundy money given by the monach to the needy on Maundy Thursday. Uncirculated coinage in mint condition. The box is in good condition although shows signs of wear commensurate with age.


Sets of coins are relatively common when brought together for sale, but original boxed examples are rarely seen.

The obverse side depicts Victoria's older bust and the reverse signifies the denomination and date.


A gift that will be treasured and can even become an heirloom. Four silver maundy coins in a red letherette, blue velvet-lined box with History Coins' certificate of authenticity.


£198 (P&P FREE to UK) 

A Very Special Gift For A Very Special Person

3 Coin Roman, Tudor or Medieval Collections


Each special set will contain 3 coins from your selected era. At either Good or Very Good Grade depending on your pocket. All coins are guaranteed to be genuine and not replicas. The ideal gift for the history enthusiast in the family or to nuture your child's sense of history. All sets come with a certificate of authenticity and full coin information.

Please supply:


          3 Tudor coins at Good Grade for £65

          3 Tudor coins at Very Good Grade for £90

          3 Roman coins at Good Grade for £70

          3 Roman coins at Very Good grade for £100

          3 Medieval coins at Good Grade for £65

          3 Medieval coins at Very Good Grade for £90

          Add the beginner's guide for only £18

          3 Pot Luck Medieval, Roman & Tudor £60

Postage is FREE to the UK and discounted to international locations.

Coins may be a mixture of bronze and or silver and differing denominations. The coins in the photos are for example only.



A lovely gift for a lover of ancient coins. Select between the Greek or Roman variety or go mad and have one of each! Postage will be added at checkout.


These are limited edition, dishwasher safe and ideal for coffee, tea or pencils!      LIMITED STOCK!


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