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Coenwulf, King of Mercia, Silver Penny, Tribrach Type, Canterbury 797-805

Obverse: Uncial 'M' to centre, beaded boarder around, legend beyond that, +COENVVLF REX (initial cross of pellets)


Reverse: Three lined tribrached moline, EOBA in angles

Grade: AVF, RARE broken and repaired in the past, losses to edge but all lettering very clear and an excellent piece despite its faults. Will be supplied in a flim supension display box for transport.

19mm, 1.04g

Ref: S914


£540 (P&P FREE to all locations) #762

Coenwulf, Silver Penny, Pincer Cross Type, Beornferth 810-820

Obverse: Diademed bust to edge of flan facing right, legend +COENVVL[F RE]X M

Reverse: Pincer cross with pellet to centre pelleted lines between angles and limbs of pincer, [BIO]RNFRED MONETA (NE ligated) at the Canterbury mint

18mm, 1.00g

Grade: EF with crimp to bottom edge and losses, depite its fault an extremely rare piece. Ex Merritt collection, found Wiltshire

Ref: S916 Group III


£800 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Coenwulf, SIlver Penny Lozenge & Crosses Type, Wodel, East Anglian Mint c810

Obverse: Diademed bust right, to edge of flan, Uncial M (for Mercia) +COENVVLF REX

Reverse: Centrel lozenge with five pellets, a cross subtending each corner, PO D EL (Wodel)

20mm, 1.00g

Grade: VF, full flan and well centred but with crease to edge, an  extremely rare piece.recorded with PAS, found Norfolk

Ref: N370, Naismith BMASC II 209-211, BMC 90



£2,500 (P&P FREE to all locations) #1303

Coenwulf Silver Penny Large Fragment, Canterbury, Werheard AD 796-821

0.73g, 20mm
Ref: Spink 916var, North 347, SCBI 182 to 188 (similar to 188)
Grade: EF, a large fragment, good portrait.
Prov: Authenticity guaranteed. Ex Lockdales sale, comes with two old tickets.

Coenwulf was the king of Mercia when Britain was a heptarchy. He ascended to the throne on the death of Offa's son, Ecgfrith, when he only lasted a few months in the role. A rare coin in any grade - your chance to own a wonderful piece of British history! 



£760 (P&P FREE to all locations)



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