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Roman Bronze Enamelled Headstud Fibula with Pin, 2nd Century

There is a small amount of red enamel in the front arm cell. Lovely ribbed decoration to the top. There is an interesting cross motif to the cell at the front, whether this has any Christian reference is debatable.


40mm x 22mm, 13.4g


Ref: Hattatt's ancient brooches p332.
Prov: Ex Hanson's sale
£75 SOLD

15th Century Pilgrim's Badge Representing St. Leonard

He is depicted wearing vestments and holding fetters, as he was the patron of prisoners and pregnant women! His shrine was in France located at Noblat on the route to Compostella. Badges like this are found in Britain but are not common. 

The metal is probably a lead alloy and the similarly constructed pin is present. The head has been damaged in the past but reattached. Due to its fragile nature, it will be supplied in a floating frame, see below for an example.

35mm x 15mm


 £220 (P&P FREE to UK , other locations please ask first)

Bronze Age Terracotta Bottle, Holy Land, c1000-800BC

This beautiful little bottle was found in the Holy Land and been in a late Clergymen's family by descent since the 1980's.


Terracotta was a commonly used material in the Holy Land and was used for domestic equipment as it could be mass produced. Items such as oil lamps were made of the same material.

I will leave it to your imagination what this little bottle was used for but due to its size it was probably something of some rarity such as an expensive oil or medicine. 


There are some small pits in the surface which is common with hand thrown pots and the base is chipped, but it will stand on its own with care. 9cm high x 3.8c..


£150 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask first) #650

Ancient Egyptian Blue-Glazed Shabti with Hieroglyphics, 525-332BC

The upper section of a green-blue shabti figure, with folded arms, holding crook and flail, wearing wig and false beard, the hieroglyphics runs down the front and back of the figure.


The base is missing and the broken base has been placed in foam to allow for display if you wish.


78mm high, 51g


Provenance: This piece has been the property of two London collections since the 70's. A specialist's report by Egyptologist Paul Whelan is supplied. 

The heiroglyphics on the front have been determined to be: 

'To illuminate, the Osiris....' this would have been followed by the name and possibly the title of the deceased on the now absent portion. On the back it reads 'True of voice(?), born to Ami-Tar(?) the mother's name being incomplete and difficult to decipher.


This wonderful Ancient Egyptian artifact is a true piece of history!


£300 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask first) #658


Roman, Stellate, Enamelled Plate Brooch, c3rd Century, Pin Missing

Made of copper alloy, this unusual plate brooch is in the form of a star or flower of eight rays or petals. The cells of the petals were once filled with red and blue alternating enamel, good traces are remaining.


Grade: AVF, sadly the pin is missing as is often the case when made from iron


37mm wide x 8mm, 8.83g

Ref: Hattatt's Ancient Brooches p.347


Due to the fragile nature of this artifact, this beautiful little brooch is being offered held within a 'floating film' display box, you may purchase it with or without and would make a great present!


The plastic case can be opened for removal or readjustment and comes with its own stand for display. Measures approx. 10 x 10 x 2cm



Brooch on its own £170 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask)


Brooch plus case £174 (P&P FREE to UK, etc)

Roman Round Enamelled Disc Brooch, c2nd Century RARE

Centred by a bronze raised enamelled boss. The main body being of a disc with enamel inlaid decoration arranged in concentric circles, with alternating white and green enamelling interspaced with bronze cells with a chequer-board motif. 

The brooch has a finely notched bronze edge and the reverse has a hinged pin intact. The enamelling is worn, as is the case in most brooches of this age due to its fragile nature, but remnants of the colours remain.

Origins considered to be European.

Diameter 30mm x 1mm. Compare to Hattatt's p344-347.


£220 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask first)

Viking Silver Poppy-Head Cloak or Hair Pin, 10th to 11th Century

A silver pin with a tapered shaft, with a 'poppy' terminal, the lower part plain, the top decorated with lines of small dots. 11cm long, 6.23g. Provenance: acquired from TimeLine Auctions, previously from an old English collection. 



£130 (Sold at the Hoard Ltd, their terms)*

Viking Bronze Brooch, 9th-10th Century, Scandinavian

A beautiful omega fibula with angular ends and decorated band. These brooches were used on the shoulder or chest to close a cloak. 54mm, 28.7g. Condition: Very fine, with areas of verdigris.  




£140 (Sold at the Hoard Ltd, their terms)*

Viking Bronze Omega Brooch, Mordvinian Type, 11th to 13th Century

Omega brooch with penannular hoop with pin for attachment, triangular flans, a number are available so may differ slightly from picture. 

Approx' 55mm x 44mm, 12g.




£120 (Sold at the Hoard Ltd, their terms)*

Examples of Viking artefacts from History Coins for sale on partner site ' The Hoard' (their terms). Image Copyright 'The Hoard' 2022 Examples of Viking artefacts from History Coins for sale on partner site ' The Hoard' (their terms). Image Copyright 'The Hoard' 2022

Viking Bridal Cheekpiece Fragment, Ringerike Style, 11th Century


A great piece of history! A cheekpiece from the right side of the horses bridal. 'Ringerike' style, decorated and zoomorphic. Probably bronze.

£55 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Roman Silver Trumpet Whorl Brooch, 2nd-3rd century

A delightful silver openwork plate brooch with La Tene motifs of trumpets and curls. Pin (corroded as made from iron) present as is catchplate. Not wearable. 46mm, 8.99g 

Prov: Ex TimeLIne Auctions, previously a UK private collection. 


£160 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Roman, Enamelled Stag Brooch, Pin Missing, 2nd-3rd Century

This lovely example of an multicoloured, enamelled bronze stag brooch is unfortunately incomplete, but this doesn't detract from its beauty. 38mm x 35mm.

(If you wish to see more images, just ask)




£175 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations ask)

Roman, Bronze Dolphin Brooch, Sprung Hinge but Pin Missing,

1st - 2nd Century

This beautiful Roman bronze dolphin brooch (in the round) has detailed annular eyes and triangular fins and splayed tail; unfortuately the pin is missing on the sprung hinge. 41mm x 16mm x 28mm, 12.9g.

Prov: Ex TimeLine Auctions




£200 (P&P FREE to UK, other locations please ask)

Roman, Bronze, Enamelled Umbonate Disc Brooch, 2nd Century

A beautiful Roman disc brooch with three coloured enamelling, mostly intact, of red, blue and white triangles forming a sunburst pattern. 

There are four knops to the edges and one has a head loop that is unfortunately broken. Pin missing.


32mm x 27mm x 10mm


Found Yorkshie. Ex TimeLine Auctions.


£130 (+P&P, non-UK locations please ask first)

RARE Equal-Ended Roman Enamelled Bronze Plate Brooch, 2nd-3rdC AD

Only one other similar type found in the references, two conjoined openwork discs with central joining disc, flat faced. Red enamel remaining and threequarters of pin present, although bent. Further pictures on request. 

32mm x 13mm x 7mm.


£60 (P&P Free to UK)

1 st to 2nd Century, Large Iron Age Tinned Brooch,

Fluegelfibel (Winged Fibula)

49.5grams 145 mm.

Mostly from the area of Noricum (now the Austrian/Bavarian/Italian areas) this and other similar artefacts are described as being from the Celtic Hallstatt culture. Pin missing, but this type of large brooch is very rare, especially with all the catch-plate intact.  

£220 SOLD 

Iron Age 6th-3rdC BC Bronze Brooch, Iberian Type

With single coil spring and conical knop. End of pin missing so it doesn't quite reach the clasp. Beautiful light green patina. 29mm x 4mm.




 £30 SOLD

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