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He, unlike his three predecessors, was a competent and well liked leader and enjoyed ten years as Emperor before this death at the age of 70. Titus was his successor.


As for the coinage of these fleeting leaders, it never ceases to amaze me that they produced such a large number of types in such a short space of time. Vespasian and Titus had the luxury of a more leisurely span of time and produced coinage jointly as well as in each other's names.

Vespasian, Dupondius, Rome Mint, Felicitas, AD74

Obv: Radiate bust, left 

Rev: Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus & cornucopia

Size: 11.73g, 27mm,

Grade: VF

Ref: S2346

£270 (P&P FREE to all locations)

Divus Vespasian, Silver Denarius, Struck by Titus, Rome Mint, 80 AD, Capricorns Back to Back

Obv: Laureate head of Vespasian

Rev: SC on a shield supporrted by two Capricorns back to back, globe below

Size: 18mm, 3.01g,

Grade: VF+



£200 (P&P FREE to all locations)



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