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During the period of Covid-19 there are changes to delivery charges


Please note that due to the lock-down period in the UK and many other countries it has become necassary to assess the dispatch and delivery options available to our customers. All items are hygenically packed, as securely and as safely as possible.

  • All orders over £100 to the UK will be required to be sent by either Royal Mail or DHL. This will be discussed with the customer. If you select RM then this will be at your own risk and be sent by 1st class mail. If you select the courier option, there will be a £7 fee to offset the high costs required by DHL. 
  • Orders over £150 will have the courier option only. 
  • All orders below £100 will be sent by RM unless you expressly ask for a courier service then there may be an additional charge.
  • All international orders will be accepted only after discussion with the customer, so please ask first and don't be disappointed if your order is refused as not all countries can be dispatched to. 

If you have any queries about delivery or our postage charges, please feel free to ask at any time. 




Customs delays - all locations outside the UK may experience delayed delivery times due to excessive custom checks since Brexit and new tariffs imposed on goods travelling from the UK. You are warned that there may well be additional charges placed on your goods once inside your country. History Coins is not responsible for these additions and has no control over them and receives no additional money from this tariff. Charges are typically anywhere between 5 to 20% and you are advised to check your county's custom fees before purchase. Custom 'holds' are usually about 10 days, but 15 to 20 days have been experienced. If you are contacted by the courier (we use DHL usually) rapid payment of your custom charge is encouraged, as this will have the biggest impact on your delivery. Your tracking code will keep you informed of the whereabouts of your purchase, and this will be supplied to you at the time of dispatch.

Thank you.​ 

History Coins - March 2021 (recent update May 2021)

We are happy to ship to most countries in the world, we have a flat rate system which covers most situations. However, when large numbers of coins or artefacts are purchased, we may reduce the amount of postage to reflect this and offer you a refund. We will contact you if this happens.


Sometimes the reverse is true, where, because of the nature of the transaction or country to be shipped to, an additional charge will need to be applied. If this happens you will be contacted and the additional charge will be requested, you are of course at liberty to refuse on these occasions and you will be released from your order. Any funds will be refunded and the order voided.


All transactions are completed by PayPal, this is a secure and fair system. You will not be charged an additional fee for your purchase and we cover any fees requested for the sale (unlike many companies)! Due to the versatile nature of the PayPal system prices will be translated to your own currency once you have paid. Our system does not allow for fluctuating currency conversions before purchase. The postage rates in GB Pounds can be seen below. Postage will be FREE for orders over £300


The method of shipping will be at our discretion and may include domestic post or a courier method. If you particularly wish to use a courier you should contact us before purchase to arrange the relevant additional charges for your location. A personal payment link will then be sent to you.


No dispatch will be made until full payment has been cleared. If payment has been made by cheque this will also need to clear before dispatch will be made. Personal collection can be arranged at our mutual convenience for FREE. 


Postage Table for both UK and International Postage (including EU residents) there may be additional charges, you will be contacted about this after purchase, but this will be no more than £10 extra and waived for items over £300.

Purchases from Purchases to Cost GBP      
£0.01 - £25.99 £3.00
£26.00 - £75.99


£76.00 - £170.99 £7.00
£171.00 - £299.99 £10.00
£300.00 and up FREE


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